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20 Unicorn Hairstyles For Women 60 Plus Years Older That Will Knock You Out!

20 Unicorn Hairstyles For Women 60 Plus Years Older That Will Knock You Out!

Unicorn Hairstyles for women over 60 must check out these trendy, flippy styles to rev up your looks! Colors, rainbows, splashing here and there to make you look absolutely fabulous! Discover what new styles are waiting to capture your eyes! You are going to feel 20 again! Time to get trendy and discover a rainbow of brilliant colors and styles to give you a Smile!

Unicorn Hairstyles

Soft As Lilacs

Soft embracing lilac to turn your vineyards of lilac fields into a soft breeze meant for women who want the perfect look for those of you who are 60 plus! Look at the beautiful sheet! You’d be crazy to turn this trendy look down!

Cover Me With Pastel Rainbows

Unicorn Hairstyles
Photo : IG@Chelkee

Glowing soft pastels in orange, blue, pink, and yellow. This is a gorgeous style – it should have a pot of gold!

You Don’t Have To Choose Colors, Take Both! 

Unicorn Hairstyles
Photo from cherokee

You want something subtle but can’t decide on just one color.  Not to worry, this is the style you have been looking for.  It’s designed with layered short hair and the colors are split between red and yellow to give you that undecided edge.  it’s really you!

Smart, Clean, And Perfect Pink

Unicorn Hairstyles
Photo : @chickover50

If you have decided to go with shorter hair, this has been created for that neat, clean look. The stylist has chosen a perfect dusty pink to accentuate the lines and give you a look of incredible youth! 

Violet Curls With A Ribbon Of Pink

Violet Curls With A Ribbon Of Pink
Photo : Doriagreen

Why not dress up your wonderful curls with a stunning shade of violet and a touch of Pink designed like a ribbon. This unicorn style is perfect if you want a vibrant look to dazzle the world.

Delicate Dusty Mauve To Accentuate Short Hair

Accentuate Short Hair
Photo Credit : Stylendesigns

You’ve decided to get your hair styled and add some color for a nice boost.  Not just any color, a dusty mauve seems to be the perfect match.  This color is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a short, lovely styled hairdo. The style beautifully frames the face with soft waves and the color is incredible!

Try Red Shade To Enhance Your Looks!

Red Shade
Photo Credit: IG@chelkee

Red shades are beautiful colors if you can wear them.  Unfortunately, it can be harsh if your natural light color does not work with red. If you are determined to have red, consider getting a color wheel and look for pastel reds.  Keep in mind, pastel colors will fade faster than bolder colors but it’s a good alternative if you are set on red!

Mermaid Styles In Scrumptious Colors

Mermaid Styles
Photo Credit : IG@pulpriothair

Mermaid shades of greens and blues can change your dull looking hair into something spectacular!  There is something free spirited about flowing hair, some curls going down to the tips for a look of total artsy. Just add a flower for that islander look!

Bright & Bold Peacock Fringes Or Bangs

Have fun with these beautiful, bold colors that will accentuate your face and add incredible dazzle to your evening out on the town. Just add brilliant colors to your bangs or fringes. They will stand out from your natural hair color and look marvelous!

Dazzle The Town With Peacock Color

Dazzle The Town With Peacock Color
Photo Credit : hairy_rachael.at.en.vie

This absolutely stunning style has been created with gorgeous blues and yellow while leaving the roots with purple color for an added touch of depth. You will be ready for a Christmas Gala!

Green into Blue

The natural colors of Mother Earth are a part of you. Why not take it a step further and have your hair colored in this soft, lovely green with streaks of light pastels.  Show your friends and family how bold you are at heart!

Glorious Peach For All Year Round

Glorious Peach For All Year Round
Photo from : IG@alternativeaging

We all know peach is the perfect color for the summer but why not show if off during the Christmas holiday? You might even find some inspiration in the many shades you can find on a peach! Peach is such a wonderful color and absolutely perfect for redheads!

Your Split Personality, Maybe?

Your Split Personality
Photo from : IG@alloccaslocks

If you want to stick your toes in the water but are not ready to plunge in, you can keep your natural color and just add a different color to other parts of your hair.(Hidden rainbow hair color) You can split your hair in 2 sections, dye one and see what you think!

Blue Heaven Before Your Eyes!

Blue Heaven
Photo : IG@versussalon

Want a statement to play off your sparkling blue eyes? This beautiful style plays off your lovely hair with an incredible layer of dazzling blue. It;’s not too much, it’s not too little.

Opposites Do Attract

Some styles are made to work with your outfits. This outfit is a prime example of working beautifully with blond hair with Pink and blue are actually total opposite colors but work great when combined with her blue hair.

A Faux Hawk – March To Your Own Drummer!

Faux Hawk
Photo : IG@Fetish_hair_salon

So you have thought about getting a hawk style but just never took that final plunge.  How about a faux hawk with colors of violet, pink and red added to your hair? The sides are gently layered for a softer look while the colors lean toward pastels to add just the right amount of color to accentuate your face.

Tips Can Be Striking & Beautiful!

Striking & Beautiful
Photo Credit : IG@jessyourhair

As shown here, taking a beautiful shade of blue makes all the difference in the world! In this photo, her beautiful silver hair is perfectly accented by the vibrant shade of blue coloring. This is a very simple unicorn hairstyles. Also, if you are not thrilled, just strip the tips of your hair and the color is gone!

What If you Could Have A Bold Look Without Color?

 Bold Look Without Color
Photo Credit : IG@agencesilver

If color is something you are not ready to commit to, that’s fine. Stylists are having a great time styling without considering colors. A nice shaping to bring out waves and curls along with a hair accessory or two is all it takes! If you are creative, add a black outline to make your style stand out.

Trendy And Sharp!

It’s time to break free and have a unicorn hairstyle that screams I am that independent woman! All you need is a touch of blue shocks through your lovely hair and you are ready to fly!

Luscious Lilac Locks

Luscious Lilac Locks
Photo : IG@deborah_darling

If you have a client who is not quite sure if they want to use different colors in their hair, offer them temporary dyes to try at home, letting them know it will wash out very quickly in 3 to 5 washings.  It’s a great way to play around with colors without the long term commitment.


If you are a woman in her 60s or older and looking for a unicorn hairstyle, we have offered a really nice range to choose from. You might be ready to make a bold step and find an intriguing color to stand out from the crowd. It seems lately colors are becoming bolder and brighter and women of all ages are contemplating the perfect color for themselves when shopping around. 

Whether you are a younger woman or a woman over 60 looking for a unicorn hairstyle, everything is now so trendy and a lot of fun.  Why not take a chance and find something to rock the holidays with!


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