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30 Top Short Straight Hairstyles For Stylish Girls!

30 Top Short Straight Hairstyles For Stylish Girls!

While women with straight hair are styling their hair with curls, women with curly hair are paying to have their hair straightened! To end the confusion, we ensure haircuts for stylish girls will be on your list. You will get a great cut for your particular type of hair. We are going to provide you with really beautiful short straight hairstyles that will give you something very special and give you an exciting new look.

To start off, here are short straight hairstyles and haircuts for stylish girls that have been created for celebs, and they are just crazy about them. Please read on:

Fabulous Short Straight Hairstyles for You To Copy

We make certain you’ll discover something fascinating and also inspiring for your next short hairstyles for straight hair!

1. A Short Bob with A Wonderful Curly Front

Styles for short hair vary in so many ways. Most of these hairstyles are created for different frames of faces for the best look. This particular style offers a lift at the bottom and rolling the hair to make a curl along the front side.  This is a great haircut for stylish girls. This is just one of our many short straight hairstyles.

2. Pink Is In

You might be looking for something with a boost that does not include your natural hair color.  You will find this wonderful cut with pink hair exactly what you are looking for. Your hairstylist can give you the perfect pink that will set you apart from every other woman.

3. Check Out This Blond Cute Pixie Cut

This short straight hairstyles will give you the casual look you want. It’s not an even cut, one side is longer than the other and is perfect if you have thick hair.  The style is excellent for both day and night.

4. The All So Perfect Pixie

This style transforms the standard pixie into something very cool and ever so chic. The hairstylist simply rubbed a styling cream on the front bangs for a really unique look.

5. A Stunning Pixie Haircut For Stylish Girls

Pixies are not just for casual looks, they can be very stunning if styled just right. This is a great style if you just don’t have time to mess with your hair. Just use a whipped styling foam and then curl the bottom areas.  It’s not only stylish but also very elegant!

6. A Short And Shaggy Fun Look

If you march to your own drummer and want a look that is all yours, you must check out this style. Add some blonde or light brown color to your bangs to frame your face. Use a finger-comb to add some texture to your new style.

7. Be Your Own Force With An Aqua Blue Look

Do not be just someone in the crowd.  You want short straight hairstyles that speak volumes. You might want this fabulous high undercut style with brilliant aqua blue combined with the shaggy cut. This style is perfect if maintaining a style is not for you.  Just wash and go!

8. For Dramatic, Deep Bangs

This style is perfect if you have thick hair. Bangs can make any style perfect no matter the length. Short straight hairstyles can be incredible when adding fringe to the front for a lovely look.  Bring your hair to the front and then sweep thick angled bangs across your face.  You can add shades of color throughout to create hairstyles for stylish girls like yourself.

9. A Classic A-Line Cut

This is an absolutely gorgeous style for any shape of face. It’s a timeless style that has been created in salons for years.  This A-line cut is best for someone with a round face.  Also, the straighter your A-line is, the more modern and stylish it will be.  You can get rid of flyaway hair by using a flat iron to tame your kind of hair. This is an excellent choice in haircuts for stylish girls.

10. Look No Further Than This Really Cute Bob

This cute bob works with every woman.  Short straight hairstyles come in many shapes but it can be a challenge to find the one that works best for you.Why not start off with something that is so simple! This style offers light layers, a gentle angle, and creates a lot of volume!

11. How About A Fresh Look?

This is a great look for both girls and women. It does not matter what your age is, it’s just perfect. This style uses medium length hair that can be changed and worn for any occasion.

12. Try This Angled Bob With Side Sweeping Bangs

This style requires no maintenance which is perfect for those who do not have time to mess around with their hair.  Just shampoo, hlow dry, and go.

13. The Short Beach Waves Style

We’ve all seen long flowing hair that looks like waves. The problem is, what if your hair isn’t long enough for the look. Well, Beach Waves is very attainable with short hairstyles. You can now get rid of short straight hairstyles. Just play around with styling items and curling irons until you get the size of curls and volume you want.

14. The Wavy Gray Look

Gray hair has actually become quite popular. To get this look, you must first bleach your hair then use a purple toner to remove any yellow tones.  Follow up with a white gray dye or light blonde. For a natural look, finger comb wet hair and then let it air dry.

15. The Messy Looks

It’s a fact that shorter hair is healthier than other lengths and is also a great deal shinier.  Just make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to maximize the health and shine of your hair.  You will feel absolutely beautiful!

16. Shine for Ethnic Hair

You might consider cutting your hair shorter and style it for a more relaxed look. Layers can be arranged in different styles but the perfect starting point is having shorter sides and longer layers to style softly. You also have the option to cut your hair even shorter. With haircuts for stylish girls, you will enjoy the healthy, shiny from now on.

17. The Angled Waves Look

This is another incredibly look that will have people taking notice when you are out and about.  This is a style that is perfect for blondes.

18. Bold And Sassy Style

You can have a lot of fun with short straight hairstyles in so many ways. The sides are shaved which speaks volumes about this stunning style.  Add some color or add a dye for \streaking.

19. This Glamorous Look Should Be Added To Hair Cuts For Stylish Girls

Your personal choices and small changes will make you shine. Add some bright color for more sparkle.

20. Choppy Straight haircut

This hairstyle is simple and yet a classic. You can tousle your hair and hold it in place with a spritz from a styling product.

Choppy Straight haircut
SOURCE : unknown

21. The Short-Layered Bob

This is a very versatile short hairstyles for straight hair with layers and layers of hair loaded with volume and bounce. Just take your locks and toss them to one side and look amazing!

Evan Rachel Wood

22: A Short Hairstyle For Straight Hair With An Edge

If you have medium length, fine hair, we recommend you back comb it to keep it fuller. On the other hand, short straight hairstyles always looks thicker.  A split pixie will give you the volume you want on the crown. Use some styling items and gather your locks to arrange them for your own special look.

Straight Hair With An Edge

23. An A-Line Style For Thick Hairstyles

If you want a hairstyle for work or for out-on-the-town, this is it. If you are lucky enough to have thick hair, the short straight hairstyles to choose from are endless. A pixie is a pixie but the results can be stunning when you add elegant highlights.

Julianne Hough short hairstyle for straight thick hair
HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

24. The Chin-Length Bob

This hairstyle has layered ends and straight bangs that gives the look of pure innocence and is a wonderful style. You can maintain this look by simply using a mousse. This, along with many other haircuts for stylish girls are waiting for you.

Chin-Length Bob
Unknown Source

25. The Geometric Bob

Geometric hairstyles are easy to style if you have straight hair and thick bangs.

Jessie J short hair

26. A Stacked Bob For Blondes

Lady Gaga’s short stacked bob looks fabulous with tons of volume and is a perfect choice for straight thick hair. As styling is very easy, you will always look great! Add a hue and look even more spectacular!

Lady Gaga stacked bob hairstyle
OvidiuHrubaru / Shutterstock.com

27. The Blunt A-Line Bob

This is a classic chin-length bob that has taken over the hairstyle industry! Bobs for straight hair are very easy to care for and style and a blessing for active women who cannot afford to spend time on hairstyles.

Jessica Stroup bob haircut for straight hair
DFree / Shutterstock.com

28. A Short Layered Haircut For Short Straight Hair

Short straight hairstyles like this one is very flattering With light layers and elongated bangs, this style has become very popular.  If your face is either square or round, this style should be just slightly a little bit longer.

Kristin Chenoweth bob haircut for straight hair
HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

29. A Short Edgy Bob

Sessilee Lopez’s thick black hair looks fabulous with this angled style and spectacular finish. Haircuts for stylish girls should definitely have this one on the list. 

Sessilee Lopez short edgy bob haircut for straight hair
DebbyWong / Shutterstock.com

30. The Sharp Angled Bob

Lastly, this is a very flattering short layered haircut for young girls, older, women, and grandmothers.  The style lifts the hair at the roots and adding bold highlights make the entire style shine!

Chelsea Kane short layered haircut for straight hair
HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

There are so many short hairstyles for straight hair available now.  It can be overwhelming choosing a new look. Haircuts, colors, styles, are constantly changing, what is a girl to do? Before making a final choice on various short straight haircuts, pick a few of your favorites.  You might want to get with your hairstylist to find out which choices will work with your hair type and the shape of your face.  Haircuts for stylish girls will not be going away anytime soon so, if one won’t work, choose another one! Take into consideration the textures, colors, and styles to find out what will look best on you.


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