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10 Short Bob Haircuts That Makes You Want To Get a Haircut

10 Short Bob Haircuts That Makes You Want To Get a Haircut
Short bob haircuts

Short bob haircuts are a craze these days and there are lots of different bob haircuts.  When the super short hairstyles were quite popular all over the world. The short bob hairstyles are here to stay regardless of your hair type. Whether you have thick or thin hair, there are quite a few celebrities who have sported the short bob haircut with style and inspired women to go for this haircut.

So if you are inspired by the various bob haircuts, then before going to the salon for cutting your hair short, consider looking at some of the bob haircuts below so that you know which one will suit your face.

1. Asymmetrical Short Bob

Short bob haircuts requires very less styling time. It means the short bob haircuts is the most beautiful hairstyle to have. You can stick to one look or even get creative by styling it according to the occasion. You can wear the asymmetrical short bob haircuts by having it nice and straight for a sleek look. This will enhance your facial features very well. Even a few slight curls at the end frames your face. If you don’t want a sleek look, then some loose curls are great for a nice beach look or for a messy effect. Few curls at the end also add volume to your crown.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

2. Short Straight Bob Hair Ideas

Short straight bob is a classic hairstyle, yet very modern. You can even sport a side-swept partition or a centre partition according to your liking. This haircut is best suited for oval shaped faces. The style here is a little bit edgy and nicely curled. It looks great. You can flat iron the hair so that it looks sophisticated and sleek.

You can curl the hair or leave it as it is. A short bob haircuts is a seasonal all-rounder and you can work this style in whatever way you want to suit an occasion. Get it curled for a beach vacation and blow dry sleek and straight for any party. It works just great with a centre partition or side fringes. You can even experiment with hair shades from Brunette to beach blonde.

3. Choppy Bob With Bangs

The choppy bob enhances the texture and the textured haircut is quite easy to add interest points to your hairstyle for a short length. Choppy hairstyles are easy with a quality layered haircut and a good hair texturizer. The hair can be colored with an array of color options to suit your personality. You can even have side bangs or bangs at the centre. You can have the hair short and mid–length. Blunt cuts usually look static, but if you upgrade the straight cut bob with a choppy finish for the ends, the overall look becomes dynamic.

4. Bob With Ombre

Have you tried the Ombre hair color and if not, then don’t hesitate, go ahead and try an Ombre hair style with different hair color options. Whatever maybe the length and texture of your hair, Ombre hair style works great. Since, the bob hair cut is quite a trend nowadays, trying out the Bob with Ombre is just perfect.

The wavy bob Ombre hairstyle with bangs at the top is a simple and daily to wear hairstyle. You can choose fun colors and blend them to create some very innovative hair color trends that suits the bob haircut. The Ombre color can be chosen to match the occasion, clothing and your personality.

5. Short Frame Bob

Short frame bob have been popular through decades. The modern day bob haircuts are unique, versatile and edgy too. By incorporating color, shape and dimension, the short frame bobs can be worn by every women looking to experiment with a new look. The short frame bob helps the women maintain her individuality, especially in today’s time and age. The short frame bob can be messy, sleek and straight, rounded, asymmetrical, A-line or even a pixie bob. The options are innumerable, but choosing the right hairstyle that suits your face and texture of your hair is absolutely necessary.

6. Curly Bob

At first sight you may feel all curly bobs look similar, but in reality you can experiment with the texture and finish, size of the curl, and highlights to make your bob haircut look unique and special. The messy and curly bob haircut is best suited for every day, while the more elegant curls are great for the office environment or in any place where you are expected to look more sophisticated. The curly bob hairstyles can be different for different length hair and thickness.

The curly bob looks subtle, sexy, bubbly and bright depending on how you carry it for the occasion. They are best suited for anyone with natural curls and don’t know the correct haircut to sport. The curls can be highlighted, colored to suit your mood and personality. The Ombre color trend for the curly bob is sweeping the nation.

7. Straight Long Frame Haircut that reaches the shoulder height

The shoulder length or mid-length bob looks stunning and perfect for thick hair. Medium length and wavy texture hair that reaches the shoulder is the top pick in the women’s hairstyles. The wavy hairstyles are ideal for any special and formal occasions. You can even sport them for every day occasions with style.

The natural wavy texture is considered lot more feminine, which is why most people sport them on a daily basis. You can experiment with the shoulder length hairstyle by adding spirals, making an A-line Bob, adding a few highlights and shaggy Ombre waves. The layered shoulder height bob is the most commonly sported bob haircut.

8. Short Bob with Baby Lasses

You may think that a short bob with baby bangs and a blunt bottom is worn by little girls only, and then you need to think twice. If you workaround with your textured hair ends and the different layering options, the same hairstyle becomes perfect for grownups and fashionable too. Whether you want bangs or no bangs the short bob with baby lasses suits each and every fancy. The overall look is feminine and soft.

9. Pixie Cut For The Bold

Pixie cuts are timeless and are always in demand all year around. Girls all over the world have ditched their long tresses to embrace this sweet yet bold haircut that is very contemporary. Pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs are perfect for women who want to sport an easy looking hairstyle and accentuates their facial features. Pixie cuts can be worn in many different styles and quite a fun to wear it. If you are looking to sport a new hairstyle, then why not go for a pixie cut that is modern and short. Pixie cut is easy to maintain and you won’t need to spend a lot of time in grooming your hair.

10. Long Bob Haircut

A long bob or the lob haircut has the distinction of being called the hairstyle of the year. The hairstyle has got this recognition because this hairstyle has managed to flatter variety of different face shapes, complexions and hair textures. The Bob is a universal and versatile hairstyle loved by many.

Long bob looks great on any textures be it messy, wavy, sleek or straight. You can leave the hair open or tie it in a sort of tight up-do hairstyle or half-up do. Long bob haircut can look different if you opt for hair colors and the options are many. With so many different options available there is always a quick and easy styling method that will suit your hair type and personality.

Long Bob Haircut

When it comes to hairstyle trends, one thing is for certain: short bob haircuts will never go out of style. Whether they’re chic and sleek or tousled and textured, a short bob is versatile, flattering, and easy to maintain. From Halle Berry’s iconic pixie cut to Emma Watson’s sophisticated chin-skimming bob, the options are endless. So don’t be afraid to make the chop and try out the timeless trend of a short bob haircut. Trust us – you won’t regret it!


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