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10 Selena Gomez’s Major Hair Makeovers

10 Selena Gomez’s Major Hair Makeovers
Selena Gomez

This year has been a year for drastic changes for the celebrities and their hairstyles. Celebrities are known to change their hairstyles constantly to look different. A good hairstyle every time will drastically change your looks and appearance. Celebrities are known to try out new hairstyles to look different each time and some hairstyles looks absolutely gorgeous.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez 25, have changed her hairstyle a lot of times and her blonde hairdo is likely to stay for a long time, but it wasn’t always like that. Take a look at the following popular Selena Gomez hair in 2017.

Selena Gomez has cut a reasonable amount of hair in 2017 to create signature dark locks into platinum blonde. Selena Gomez has invested a lot of her time in 2017 to redefine her hairstyle. Selena Gomez had quite a few hair style changes in the year 2017 and she has updated each of these hairstyles for her fans to see.

A hairstyle change will ensure some positive change in energy and every time you change your style it affects your personality for sure. Selena’s hair makeover from 2017 is a perfect example of that.

One of the major makeover came when she debuted with a beached blonde hair at the 2017 American Music Awards on Nov.19. The new hair color was probably the most daring styles any star would have attempted. Her fans are accustomed to seeing her in her dark tresses throughout, until Selena decided to change the hair color. This was her first major change to her natural hair color and most of us were used to seeing her in her natural hues.

Platinum Blonde

This Selena Gomez blonde was the first major makeover change the star has ever done. The aim was to keep her hair healthy and also match the tone with her skin. The vibe is from the 90s, chic and stylish. Selena has named the hairstyle Nirvana Blonde. To maintain the blonde hair she needs to keep her hair strong and healthy by regular moisturizing.

Platinum blonde Selena Gomez hair color certainly requires some extra time to maintain and the final results are there for everyone to see. The star has changed her hair routine to keep her hair moisturized and for this she switched to a conditioner that keeps her creamy blonde hair healthy.

Braided Long Hair

Here, Selena Gomez styles her hair into a very casual looking messy braid. The dark wine lipstick complements her complexion very well. The long side swept bangs frame her face perfectly. Doesn’t she look pretty and not over the top.

Slicked Back Bob

Selena Gomez gave her fans the behind-the scenes look into her new haircut in August. This new haircut complements the edgy look from her music album “Fetish”. The hair style is bold, subtle and beautiful. The slicked back bob look of the singer is the trendiest cuts of the year.

Wavy Lob

Selena Gomez rocked in the wavy long bob hairstyle in the Fetish video that was released this year. This medium length hairstyle of Selena is craftily textured. The pushed over bangs suits her heart shaped face very well. The neck length hair accentuates her cheek very well.

Long and Straight

Selena Gomez tames her natural hair into a very sexy looking straight hairstyle for her “Bad Liar” video. The look is sleek and lustrous from top to bottom. The various layers that accentuate her face also reduce the weight of the long hair.

Sleek Lob

This sleek long bob enhances the pretty features of Selena Gomez’s face. The smooth bob with a few golden highlights stole the show and left a lasting impression on people’s minds. This silky and sleek hairstyle matches formal as well as informal clothes.

Wet Bob

Selena Gomez is absolutely flawless in this picture. She is rocking in this wet bob hairstyle that was shared by her makeup artist. The choppy wet Bob hair cut has taken her fans by storm. Doesn’t she look pretty?

Braided Up-do

Selena put her hair into a nice braided and chic up-do hairstyle that is perfectly suited for any occasion. She looks incredible in this picture and her hairstyle stole the entire show. The Selena Gomez hairstyle is a perfect spring wedding look. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the entire ensemble. Her hair was pulled back into a low bun with middle partition and the sides were pulled back into two French braids.

Loose Waves

The bouncy and medium length hair is wavy and luscious making Selena look sexy and stunning. The curls add a lot of volume and make the whole look full of life. This lovely hairstyle is suitable for formal occasions.

Blunt Lob

Selena Gomez welcomed the New Year with a fresh hair cut and a Photoshop scandal. The picture of the signer here seems to be edited in the left bottom corner to make it look fuller. This blunt long bob hairstyle suits perfectly for her face and make her look very stunning and attractive.


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