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How To Make Romantic Loose Waves Tutorial

How To Make Romantic Loose Waves Tutorial
Loose waves

Romantic loose waves will always stay on fashion. All you need is romance and love to let down the curls. Loose waves are probably still beautiful, and there is no doubt they will be in fashion anytime of the year. If looking for wedding waves, then whimsical, elegant and glamorous are the best. These curves are beautiful since they allow your wedding dress to play center-stage on the big day.

The thing with romantic loose waves is that they are loose and care-free. The waves add lots of body and style to your hair all day. The romantic spiral is different from corkscrew or banana curls. Few brides have their hair on the soft waves naturally. Below are some different ways to create fabulous romantic hair curves.

Curling Iron Romantic loose waves

One of the best ways to undo your look is by using a big-barrel curling iron or curling wand. If your day has a bohemian vibe, a pure curling wand will form sultry beach waves. The main thing you should understand is when using iron or rod make sure every curl is facing the same direction. See the picture below to see how your hair will look amazing.

Recommended size is  1 inch – 2 inch curling iron.

Hot rollers

If you’re looking for some new structured wave, then make rollers your best friend. Hot rollers bring more volume than curling wand. The best moment if done for an occasion like a date or wedding is when you open champagne and the rollers do the magic.
When the rollers are heating up, divide dry clip hair into four significant sections, one above both ears, one on the back and top. Separate the top section into three parts each around one and a half fit long. Grab the one closest to hairline and pull it up, then place a roller under the hair a few inches’ from both ends.

Leave the ends out and start rolling away from your face. Repeat the process using two or more rollers in the top section. Next, you divide the back into three side-by-side one and half inch section each and roll. Lastly separate and turn each remaining side. After 20 minutes unroll one at a time starting from the back to front.

Overnight Rolls

If you are not a fun of heat-treating your hair, pop your hair in Dutch braids. Overnight Dutch braids are the hairdresser trick for achieving effortless waves without the fuss of heat-styling. First of all, you need to consult on the best methods because hair is usually different. If your hair has natural waves, then simple twist will do.

Foam rollers are inexpensive and can give you some overnight severe curls. This roller is more comfortable than others when your sleeping. You can also try headband trick, first get your hair a little damp, put the elastic headband on your forehead and get a section of hair and twist away from your face.

The halo method is usually idle for long hair, and it gives you more great curls that are almost waves. When going to bed, you can use two buns on the sides of your head, and some serum will produce excellent waves.

Other methods used can be pin curls that give you great curls. If you do them tighter, the coils will be tight, looser and wavier. Using volumizing spray is also suitable for hair protection and maintaining waves.

Types of curls

Classic curl
This is the best type of coil since it is by far the easiest. The first thing to do is to wrap your hair flat around the curling barrel. Always make sure there no spaces between the wraps of the air around the barrel.
Make sure you are curling the hair between 10 to15 seconds so that it is set. Later release the curl and let it sit for few seconds. The final results will be a perfect curl as you can see in the picture below.

Natural curl

The process is similar to the classic spiral. The only difference is that you should coil while moving away from your face to create a natural looking wave that is multidirectional. Release the hair into your palm and let it stay there for few seconds before releasing. Your hair should look similar to the one in the picture above.

Tight curl
The only way to achieve this type of coils is by working with smaller sections of hair. Start by taking a tiny part and place it on the barrel. A unique thing about this type is the pacing between the wraps.
If your hair is long, curls merely the top part section first. The longer the hair the much time needed though its worth. Your hair should look the same as the picture below.

Twist curl
You need to grab a small section of the hair and twist it away from your face. Make sure as you turn it’s close-fitting on the barrel. You will finally get a beach like a wave like the one in the image below.

Loose waves
When you are in a rush, and you have a big section of hair to complete this may come in handy. It’s a thick part so place it on the barrel. As you coil your hair, do not just hold it but also make a slight rolling motion up and down. You will get a beautiful wave like the one in the picture below.

It is always important to dress up well on your most important days. Being lovely means a lovely coiled hair that will carry through the entire night. Soft, flowing, romantic loose waves set the perfect tone for a date night or fun night with friends. The above information helps you stay amazing and admirable.


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