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13 Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations

13 Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations
Celebrity Hairstyle

Celebrities are not like us. They really need to take care of their looks and strive to achieve that x-factor, that makes them unique and different. They constantly want to vamp up their looks to attract their fans and get more publicity. It is the quest for publicity that made these following celebrities, change their hairstyles. Let’s check out how these Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations turned out on these stars and whether we can follow these styles and look good in them.

1. Elle Fanning’s dark hair

Elle Fanning dyed her golden blonde hair to a beautiful creamy chestnut brown. It totally suits her gorgeous ivory complexion and brings out a more dignified and mature Elle. We are totally hooked to this new Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations color and really willing to try it out.

2. Halle Berry’s Purple Streaks

Halle Berry is totally defying her age by hopping on this Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations idea. Even the new girls on the block can’t match her looks after this transformation. She is looking absolutely smashing with the purple streaks going down her sleek brown locks.

3. Emma Stone’s turns to length

This Oscar winning actress has let go of her cropped hair length to pull long blonde hair. This idea from the list of Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations can be copied by you too. A little care of your locks and using less damaging products can help you achieve this timeless hair trend.

4. Rihanna’s Teal Locks

Only a rocker babe can top the charts for the most daring Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations and actually look good in it. We are going gaga over this Instagram pic that Rihanna has shared, with her aqua teal-dyed locks. She is looking every bit the rock star that she is.

5. Lady Gaga goes multi-color

Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric looks. Of course, she just had to be on our Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations list. She has recently let go of her ash-blonde hair and dyed her locks a trendy shade of orange and teal. There seems to be a match here with Rihanna, whose complete teal hair are giving some competition to lady gaga.

6. Gigi Hadid’s Pink Locks

Gigi Hadid is our favorite style icon. This gorgeous super model, not only has the looks to totally slay every day, but also has topped the other personalities in this Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations countdown. Her beautiful honey-colored hair looks on fleek with pretty pink streaks that go all the way down to the ends of her lush locks.

7. Kate Hudson Goes Buzz

The absolutely pretty A-lister, Kate Hudson has completely surprised us with the new buzz-cut that she has got going. Although Kate has made this transformation for her upcoming movie “Sisters”, yet we think she is looking so cool and grungy in this new avatar, that she should actually keep this going for a while.

8. Selena’s Bangs with her Bangs

Selena Gomez is so cute that whatever look she attempts to try, she nails it. Here, you can see how good she is looking in deep side bangs. Earlier she was sporting a front fringe, but this new style is also looking absolutely stunning on this amazing singer.

9. Bella Hadid Short Hair

Gigi Hadid’s model sister is not much behind when it comes to look and style. Every young girl wants to copy this lovely model. She has let go of her beautiful shoulder length locks to embrace this short bob, reminiscent of the 80s. And let us tell you, she doesn’t look as bad as we used to do in this hairstyle. So much so, that we are actually thinking of revisiting our teenage years by attempting this look again.

10. Sophie Turner’s Dark Locks

“Winter’s coming” or is it? Sophie Turner, the famous lady Stark has dyed her hair back to dark red tresses. This Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations may or may not have taken place for the filming of Game of thrones, season, but let us say once and for all, Lady stark will always look good in those fiery locks.

11. SJP turns bright blonde again

Sarah Jessica Parker is our original style icon. Forever embedded in our hearts as the stylish New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah looks super young and fresh with new wavy bright blonde hair-do that she is sporting nowadays. We love her for her brightness!

12. Sofia Vergara’s fringe

The sexy siren and funny lady Sofia Vergara is so gorgeous, she can rock any style. But she looks especially yummy with the front bangs that she is promoting in this insta-pic of hers. She just revitalizes our day with that crazy accent and now is totally inspiring us with these Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations.

13. Karlie Klux Goes Platinum

Karlie Klux is coming on our screens every time we open YouTube with her new build-your-own-website advertisement. Though she is not donning this special new platinum color in that promo, yet we are loving the Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations by this lovely model. The deep partition style displayed by her looks really edgy on her.

Although all the celebrities are totally killing it with their amazing Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations, yet our favorite has to be Gigi Hadid’s phenomenal pink hair streaks. Now that you know what these celebrities are donning, why don’t you go ahead and try one of these Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations and rock the holidays.


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