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Khow More About Laser Hair Removal

Khow More About Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal

has become popular and commercially available after 1990s. The procedure of laser hair removal has been widely accepted in dermatology worldwide. Laser hair removal treatments are practiced in clinics and at homes with the availability of laser hair removal devices for use at homes.

Hair removal was done by techniques such as waxing, plucking and shaving before the arrival of laser techniques. The disadvantage of these techniques are, they are expensive, can be messy and one needs to do it regularly as hair grows back after a few days. With laser hair removal one can say good bye to painful waxing and plucking forever.

Laser hair removal

More and more people are turning to laser hair removal techniques as a permanent solution to hair growth. Lasers have been used in hair removal previously in large hospitals only and used to cost a hefty sum and performed by trained professionals. With increasing popularity of this technique devices are developed for use in beauty clinics.

Light is absorbed selectively by melanin which is a pigment found in the hair follicles. The light energy destroys this pigment which in turn burns the hair follicle without causing any damage to the surrounding cells. The applicator device is moved to the area of skin until the entire area is treated.

Laser hair removal

This type of treatments can be used for any people but works well on people with fair and dark hair. Dark hair has more melanin hence it can be treated with much ease; while fair hair has less concentration of melanin hence is harder to treat. People with grey hair are not suitable for this kind of treatments as grey hair does not contain melanin. There is no need of any anesthesia as you will experience tolerable and mild discomfort in this treatment.


After laser hair removal treatment hair follicles only get damaged by the heat. This dead hair falls off after 1 or 2 weeks of treatment as the epidermis starts renewing. There are no major side effects of laser hair removal. The skin becomes red after treatment and the hair follicles maybe swollen and bumpy, which usually subside after few days of treatment.

Some of the adverse reaction may include blisters and darkening of the skin. The treatment itself does not take much time to complete; depending on the area of the treatment, time varies from 10 minutes to up to an hour. Laser treatment will have to be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area to be treated. This treatment is performed until the required results are obtained.


Before any laser treatment, a detailed medical history of the person is studied for suitability. Laser clinics and saloons performing laser treatments are inspected by the local authorities. According to the FDA, laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair reduction where in there is a long term and stable reduction in hair growth. There are cases where there has been hair growth after a year of treatment leading us to believe laser treatment is not a permanent solution to hair removal.

This article educates us in this very popular form of hair removal technique, the efficacy of which depends on the technician or the laser operator and the technologies of laser removal used by them. Laser hair removal treatments reduce unwanted hair leaving behind very less visible and fine hair.


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