Home Haircare Products Kerastase Resistance – shampoo and masque – my review

Kerastase Resistance – shampoo and masque – my review

Kerastase Resistance – shampoo and masque – my review

Kerastase Resistance

This fall I had the worst hair time of my entire life. Maybe it was due to stress or maybe avitaminosis is the one to blame, but my hair was falling so dramatically that I even thought that my “clever locks decided to leave my stupid head” as a revenge for all their suffering.

I believe I tried all hair trends and hairstyles: I had long hair and various haircuts, I had curles and straight locks, I dyed my hair blond, bight red and brown. So, now I am doing my best to grow my natural hair color.

I decided to try Kerastase green line products after reading many reviews about these products written by real people, I checked many web-sites, but relied on hair professionals from my local Kerastase salon. And they adviced me the following pair of Kerastase haircare products: Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Vita-Ciment Topseal and Kerastase Resistance Age Recharge Complex Vita-Ressource.

Kerastase Resistance Haircare Line

1. Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Vita-Ciment Topseal – for chemically or naturally weak hair.
From the manufacturer: Reconstructs hair internally rebuilding its volume and resistance. The hair surface gets protection from agressive environment and heat-styling.

My opinion: The shampoo is relatively thick, has a pearl-green color and a pleasant smell. My hairstylist told me to wash the hair 2 times, although the package says “repeat if necessary”. So, I decided to follow his advice. The shampoo is foaming very well, and for the second time I use three times less shampoo than for the first time.

It is washing off easily and hair feels clean, what I like. My hair remains clean for 2-3 days what I like even more. I don’t blow-dry my hair, except for special occasions, so can’t say much about the heat protection, but I do like how soft and sleek my hair is after a month of using Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Vita-Ciment Topseal.

2. Kerastase Resistance Age Recharge Complex Vita-Ressource – masque to replenish hair losing vitality.

Kerastase Resistance Gel-Masque

From the manufacturer: Revitalizing masque-gel gives strength and vitality, provides shine, smoothness and softness, gives stenght to hair cuticles and evens texture.

My opinion: This masque has the same color and smell as the shampoo. It has a light testure and can be distributed evenly throughout the hair, but is a little more difficult to wash off than the shampoo. After the first use my hair was softer and smaller than usually, and had the promised shine, well, at least, I hope so. Overall, I think my hair now looks more vivid than before I started using this masque.

Total effect: The hairstylist told me to use both products together until I see the strenghtening effect. So, I was using both shampoo and masque 3 times a week for 2 months. After two months of usage I was so happy to notice that my hair stopped falling, and my ponytail looked thicker and more shiny. So, I think, these products indeed have a particular ingredient that replenishes hair and gives strength, because my hair was very fine before I started using this pair of products.

Now I am using Kerastase shampoo 3 times a week, and Kerastase masque once a week, and I am more than happy with the result. So, I definitely recommend these products to all girls who have the same problems as I did.


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