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Two Simple Voluminous Waves Tutorials

Two Simple Voluminous Waves Tutorials
voluminous waves

Voluminous Waves Tutorials

People find it difficult to get and enjoy those voluminous waves on their hair. Regardless of your hair sort, you can change your dull, dry winter hairs into a good hair deserving of a bathing suit cover. You have generally longed for gracing. By having a couple of key fixings and practice, then you can make your most loved look in just a few minutes. In this article, we will explain two tutorials with pictures so that you can try it yourself at home. This will not have a lot of pressure on you. You do not need very special skills to do it.

Tutorial one

Step 1

Begin with a smooth first cleaning process to get voluminous waves
Here all you need to do is wash all of your hairs properly. Then apply good silicon based serum. This serum should be an anti-frizz lotion. Partition your hairs into areas. Then utilize one round and clean brush or comb to lift from your hair root by blow-drying. This objective is not flawlessness; however, it is to have better hair cuticles. After that, you can easily give curling to your hair.

Step 2

Assemble all of your necessary tools like

  • Round clean brush
  • Clips for your Hair
  • Light-hold spray for your hair
  • Curling iron with 1″ to 3/2″ barrel. (My simple thumb rule: select 1″
    if you have hair shoulder-length, 3/2″ if you have long hairs.)

Step 3

Separate them properly and clip them

Begin by partitioning your hairs. You need to split them into two flat areas, best and base. Clasp up the best area and begin at the base. Separation into two areas. In lengthwise. Crucial step to get voluminous waves.

Step 4

Gets going

Beginning on your hair from a first or top segment of your hair. Then hold the hair curler vertically. Then cinch amidst your shaft of hair. Concentrate on the next part. It is important. By holding the hair curler vertically, bend it slightly away from the face. Then Hold for 6 to 12 seconds (close to that), and evacuate the hair curler barrel by pulling and unclamping in the downward direction.

Step 5

Then repeat the process

Step 6
Use a spray to moisturize your hair

At the point when every one of your twists is in. then use the spray to fog or moisturize your hair. The mist should hold the hairs perfectly to get proper output. Then keep your both hands away from your twists or the curls for no less than a thirty minutes! By then, you can gently rake all of your fingers slowly through your twists to isolate a bit. You can even brush through these twists to get to a greater degree a wave impact. Now you have regular, voluminous waves.

Tutorial two

The second tutorial is also for voluminous waves. This will help you get that look in very less time.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is segment out the best 50% of your hair. Then you need to clip for some other time. Spritz that bottom half portion softly with hairspray. You can use any good hairspray for this purpose.

Step 2

By holding the bottom portion of the hair and keeping curler vertically, bend it slightly away from the face. It is better to take 50% of hair from the bottom. It is better to use a curling iron with shaft 1 ½.

Step 3

To get voluminous waves you should concentrate on next steps carefully. This is how your curls look like after the step. You can see it in the picture. I twist the base half entirely free to save the length. Then help it to lay better after it is curled and twisted properly.

Step 4

Allow the top segment to fall on your shoulders. Then you need to splash each segment separately before you twist and curl it. Then ensure each segment gets a decent measure of the spray.

Step 5

Keep on curling your hair far from the face. You need to curl them up and towards the back. It should be on the extreme top.

Step 6

Very crispy and Firm curls! On the off chance that anybody is thinking about simply abandoning the process like this, you should never do this. This progression is critical; however, utilizing a considerable measure of spray is the thing that will help you to have a better result on your hair.

Step 7

Utilizing a good comb or a brush, you need to brush your curls, sweeping back and far from the face. On the off chance that you utilized a truly solid spray, then this will become incomprehensible! I suggest utilizing a product Kenra. There are other adaptable hold sprays.

You can use a better product so that you do not face any problem.
The results you got should look like mine in the images. After doing that if you still have problems then recheck the process.


By following these two methods properly, you can get voluminous waves. It will be like professional hair styling. It is very simple.


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