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How to make a perfect Ballerina Bun

How to make a perfect Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun has lately become a hair hit and major trend in hairdos. We have seen these sleek and radiant updo at fashion shows of the most famous designers, like Donna Karan, A-list events, and even celeb weddings. Ballerina buns give a fabulous look in the office and elegant and refined look in the evening.

I always thought that such bun is rather difficult to create hairstyle, until I saw the tutorial below.

What you need for the perfect bun as following
1. Hair Donut
2. 5-7 bobby pins
3. Elastic band

It you are ready so Let get start !!

STEP 1 : Brush drown your hair and  create  it into a high Pony Tail. And Make sure your pony tail is tight as possible, you can pull your pony tail to make it more tight.

STEP 2 :Put your Pony Tail into the hair donut, and try to make it center.

STEP 3 : Spread the hair  all around to cover the hair donut and then grab and hold the base of donut  ,  start to put around the hair under the base of donut   and use the bobby pin to secure it at the end of tail.

Step 4 : The Bun will become messy but keep going secure any loose ends with bobby pins.

In addition, Ballerina bun will work great as wedding hairstyle, if decorated with bridal hair jewelry, like we saw at Molly Sims wedding.

Ballerina Bun

Source: www.stylendesigns.com


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