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The Hottest Summer Hair Trends

The Hottest Summer Hair Trends
Summer Hair Trends

The Hottest Summer Hair Trends

Summer hair trends Every fashionista knows that the right hair color can highlight skin and eyes, and make the dull hair glow. Follow the secrets of the top Hollywood colorists to have your locks become the focus of everyone’s attention

Top Hair Trend for Blondes: Platinum Hue

Hot summer hair trends

Hollywood blonds Naomi Watts (on the photo) and Cameron Diaz changed their golden hue to platinum locks, the hottest summer hair color trends, especially for those who can afford frequent maintenance. Platinum color requires redoing every four weeks, in order to avoid roots showing.

Colorists advice to be especially careful when trying to achieve platinum hue at home, because the heat contribute to having a whitish color at the roots and yellowish-orange at the ends, so better visit a professional colorist.

For dark blondes colorists recommend trying beige highlights, as it will help avoid the cheap-looking yellow color which appears after putting the lightener.

If you are natural blond, you will need no coloring to have lighter locks. Simply take your favorite hair conditioner (no matter if it has UV filters or not) and put it on strands around the head, then make a ponytail or bun. Hair untouched by the conditioner will get lighter in the sun, and giving your hair natural highlights.

Top Hair Trend for Brunettes: Lighter Strands

Demi Lovato latest hairstyle

High-Profile brunettes Demi Lovato (on the photo) and Kate Beckinsale have recently opted for lighter strands around the face with dark roots – the top hair color trend, called “surfer strands”.

Surfers spend do much time in the sun and waves that have their hair lightened by the sun creating a great look.

In order to have the lightened strands without spending months on the beach, ask your colorist to put color thick pieces of hair below the chin and several strands around the face so that it does not make you pale. Try honey gold color on the ends and dark caramel around the face.

Don’t forget about summer hair care

Regardless of your hair color and coif, it is vital to take care about you hair to keep it glowing. Sun, sea, sand and chlorinated water damage colored hair. The more you color your hair, the harder it is to keep it vibrant due to environmental challenges.

In order to guard your blond locks from becoming green because of chlorine in the pool, colorists recommend washing hair in clean water and apply conditioner, so that the color-treated hair won’t intake the chlorine. In addition, use sun-protecting hair spray.

The colorists also advice avoid using shampoo everyday, as it dries hair and makes it look dull. Those, who have to wash their colored locks very often, they tell using conditioner mixed with water, as conditioner also has cleansing features, but is less harsh with hair. Use a volumizing conditioner, and your tresses will look clean and fresh-colored. There you go with Summer hair trends.

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