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29 Hidden Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

29 Hidden Rainbow Hair Color Ideas
Rainbow hair colors

Rainbow hair colors are very popular nowadays. It has become a trend among the youngsters especially. The craze for the rainbow hair color is understandable and why. The use of various vivid and bold colors has made people talk about this trend. You don’t have to be wild when choosing the rainbow hair colors. The rainbow hair color trend is truly unique and will get heads turn whenever you venture out. And The important thing is having healthy hair, will give your hair color more beautiful

1. Chambraypeach

If you love peach color, here is the hair color ideas for you. It’s orange + Peach tone and with metallic color. It it the perfect combination.

2. Tropical Sunset Rainbow Hair Color

Rainbow hair colors

In this rainbow hair color, few colors are blended together, it is vibrant and quite an inspiration. Here, dye is applied to create a gradient effect typically starting with the purple shade that starts from close to the root, slowly turning into fiery shades of pink, orange and yellow. All of these shades remind you of the beautiful tropical sunset. The final look is edgy and feels romantic.

3. Deep violet Shadow Root

Deep violet Shadow Root

Shadow root was designed recently. Here, the deep violet shadow root with rainbow colors are alternated throughout. The favorite thing about this look is the use of contrast of all the different colors and the way it reflects as the hair falls. With the shadow roots, either your natural hair color is allowed to shine through from the beginning as a part of the dye job or roots are created from different color hair dye. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who prefers a bold color as it adds body to the hair and allows all the color to POP. 

4. Candid Hologram

Holographic hair color is the latest trend and it is absolutely beautiful. It takes the rainbow hair color to the next level. What makes this hair color stand out is that the multidimensional effect, that makes it to appear as though it could change the color pattern depending on which angle you view it from. This trend has been achieved through a technique called “hand pressed coloring”. The best part of this rainbow hair color is that it is totally customizable to whatever skin tone. 

5. The Hidden Unicorn

The Hidden Unicorn

This is called a hidden unicorn because it is a perfect style for those who want to experiment with the rainbow colors, but have restrictions. Unless you have platinum blonde hair, you will have to lighten your hair to achieve these vibrant mixes of colors. The color combinations that are used depend a lot on the personality of the wearer. Some prefer purple while others go for blues, orange or red. Hair color should be chosen that will go with the color of your eyes.

6. Eye Candy Rainbow

Eye Candy Rainbow

The best part of this rainbow hair color is the use of different colors, which is a treat for the eyes. The use of vibrant colors in this hair style will surely increase your confidence. The trick to fantasy colors like this is the placement. Make sure the complementary tones are close to the face.

7. Bright Color Melt

Bright Color Melt

This hairstyle gives a free feeling for the wearer. The choice of color that you want to reveal more depends on you. Choose the color that goes with your skin tone. The colors can be warmed or cooled off to suite any skin tone and any hair type can pull this off. The best part would be to go with the natural flow.

8. Peacock Rainbow

The featured hair color is the hidden rainbow look, featuring the pink peacock colors with a mix of heavy foils and slices through the top that is toned with a vanilla blonde. There is a good contrast between the vivid and the natural colors. The naturals have the nice ability to hide the vivid colors. Due to the hidden rainbow style, it is suitable for most skin types. Dark, porcelain and olive tones will look particularly good in this look. 

9. Oil Slick

Oil Slick

This look is called “oil Slick” because it was inspired by the colors in oil when the sun hits it. The best part of this look is the subtleness of the tones inside and the vivid use of color when outside. This look may feel intimidating, but any skin tone can carry this one with style. Alter the base color to lighter brown if you feel like. 

10. Electric Rain

Electric Rain

This look has a lot of dimension and colors, which is why it is named electric rainbow. All the colors used in this style flow very effortlessly. According to today’s trend, people with rainbow and textured hair are rocking this new look with style. For this look, you don’t need a specific skin or hair type. So, get ready to rock in style with this cool rainbow hair color. 

11. Rose and Lilac

Rose and Lilac

Both these hair colors are soft pastel shades that are feminine. This look has been inspired by a unicorn created by using titanium, rose and lilac that is painted on top of the balayage highlights. This particular look and rainbow hair color is most suitable for cooler skin tones. You will need the services of a stylist at least a month to refresh the colors.

12. Perfectly Painted

Perfectly Painted

This hair color was created by Hairstylist and colorist Amber Starnes from Dollhouse Boutique Salon. She got the inspiration for this style from a picture of a space nebula. The use of warm colors that cuts through the deep blue appear a lot more planned. The use of colors makes the style gorgeous. The use of colors and the way it is hidden inside of another, like magenta and orange that are flowing through the blues makes it unique. This style will look great on any skin shades and as far as the hair is concerned any hair type can rock in the mermaid style. 

13. Creatively Colored

This look is her version of the “oil slick” hair color trend. This has been a popular trend recently. Recreating this style is fun. The best part of this style is that even if three colors have been used, they melt so well together that it creates even more colors. The final style looks different when it is parted and styled in various ways. This look is good for anyone with naturally dark colored hair and works well with different skin tones. 

14. Pastel Rainbow

Pastel Rainbow

We all will agree that pastel rainbow hair colors are gorgeous. This is great for those who want to play with colors, but are worried about the fading of bright colors. The pastel rainbow shade is a color that consists of what looks like purple, blues and pinks melted into platinum hair. The look here is muted silvery finish. Any skin tone can rock this hair style. 

15. Half Pastel and Half Rainbow

Half Pastel and Half Rainbow

 The uniqueness of this hairstyle is that the look of half pastel and half rainbow. The way it is worn can be called “extreme” with a center part or flip it from one side to another with a deep part for a completely different look. The best way to wear this color is by tying the hair into braids for a gorgeous looking two-toned braid look. Choose the right tone for your skin type and it will make you look great.

16. Rainbow Braids

Rainbow Braids

Here, the rainbow shades are used cleverly by using alternating colors on the scalp. The color used complements each other very well and are very bold. The braids just make it Pop. This look can be carried well by people with a fair skin tone. Anyone can get a custom mix to match their skin tone. 

17. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair

This beautiful looking hair is called a unicorn hair or mermaid hair. This is one of the favorite new trends of people. Creating this style is fun with use of nice colors and combinations. Even pastel shades have been cleverly used because it is soft and quirky. The ideal hair type for this type of hair style is light brown to blonde hair. The hair needs to be pre-lightened to pale blonde before the pastel shades are applied. 

18. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Created by stylist Monica Jacobs, from Chicago, IL, the thought of fairs and summer got her into creating this stylish looking “cotton candy”. Since there is a metallic vibe to it, it is also referred to as a metallic cotton candy. The favorite thing about this hair is its dimensions. The brick layered color is nicely used in small sections so that the look can change with every hairstyle. The pastel or metallic hair is best suited for strong hair that lifts easily. It is difficult to achieve this look on thick hair, but fine or medium texture hair is also okay. 

19. Pastel Shades with Soft Curls

Pastel Shades with Soft Curls

This style has a beautiful mix of different pastel shades that is complemented very well with the soft curls. Not only these colors complement each other, even individual color stands out well. This color will work for most skin tones and hair types. With the variation of shades, you can have cool tone next to the warm tones. So when you combine these two together, in a way it has been created to suit any skin tone. 

20. Fantasy


This look is a good mix of natural and fantasy hair color. The tones chosen here are more muted to give it a vintage vibe. This color combination will suit anyone. The colors are soft and can compliment any type of skin tone. 

21. 80’s hair

80’s hair

This look is a recreation of the 80’s style with the use of geometric shapes and use of soft and bold colors. Along with the modern haircutting techniques you can create a modern and bold look. This look is very versatile as you can style in different ways. This makes the colors that are applied throughout the hair look different giving you many options. You will never get tired of this look. If adjusted, this look can be worn by most people, though fair skin people or with peach undertones, can rock in this look.

22. Mermaid Metallic

rainbow hair color

The best part of the mermaid metallic look is how the base is deep purple color that morphs into metallic violet tones. To achieve this look, hair extensions have also been used to add length and fullness. Anyone can rock in this hairstyle if you have confidence to carry it in style. 

23. Hidden Rainbow

rainbow hair color

Hidden rainbow hair style is a good mix of soft rainbow colors underneath a veil of vibrant coral. The best part of this hair is how you style it. The way you style will display the different color combinations. To achieve a soft and vivid look, wear it down and straight or put it in a top knot to show off the beauty of the rainbow. The lighter pastel shades is best suited for medium to fair skin tone people. 

24. Vivid Underlights

rainbow hair color

This gorgeous look is called underlights. It is a nice way for people who want to introduce vivid colors into their lives without huge commitment. You can choose to go bold or subtle according to your liking. Leaving the natural hair color on top covers any regrowth and fading that occurs with the vivid colors. This style is suitable for any skin tone. 

25. Superman Ice Cream

Superman Ice Cream

This is super cool and vibrant look that is similar to the superman ice cream that the creator of this color Brittany Evans remembers eating. The use of colors like pink, blue and purple has been nice. This hair is suitable for people with any skin tone as long they can carry this hair in style and confidence. 

26. Opalescent Tones

rainbow hair color

The look here is all about creating a lived-in pastel look that is fashionable and trendy. The best part of this hair is the way it transitions. The Opalescent tone fades to cool platinum in one month of coloring. The shadow root here will enable to grow natural roots in a few months. 

27. Pastel Frothy Rainbow

rainbow hair color

Created by Shelly Gregory, this look of pastel frothy rainbow is a texture that makes a rainbow. It makes the color jump out at you in 3D and you would want to touch it. A texture spray is recommended along with fiber pomade and a light holding spray. The color here has been done on pre-lightened hair that is platinum blonde. It can go with any skin tone and you can adjust the colors to suit the depth of your complexion. 

28. Bright Earthy Stones

Bright Earthy Stones

This color trend is bright and earthy. It will remind you of stones and anyone who has the confidence to rock in bright colors can easily carry this rainbow hair color trend. Don’t hesitate to try out new colors that you may think will not suit your skin tone, maybe you will need to change your blush color or add a pop of eye shadow to go with the hair. It is what you are that is important than what you look from outside.

29. Moonstone


Developed by stylist Holly Neufeld at parlor 363 in Canada, this rainbow hair color is very similar to the second generation of rainbow hair that was developed recently. It includes various colors with a sort of reverse Ombre effect happening with the roots of the hair lighter than the ends. If you are looking for a somber rainbow hair color this summer, then this could be the best trend to try. It is complete with cool shades and fine details, adding some aspect of fun and excitement for rainbow hair color

rainbow hair color

Overall, rainbow hair color is a fun and creative way to express yourself. It can be a bold statement or a way to add some rainbow brightness to your everyday look. It’s important to consider the cost and commitment before making the decision, as rainbow hair color will require regular touch-ups, potentially expensive salon trips, and special products for upkeep.

This type of hair coloring also often requires bleaching before adding the rainbow hues, which can damage hair if not done properly. However, with proper care and maintenance, rainbow hair can give you a colorful and unique look that stands out from the crowd. At the end of the day, it all comes down to individual preference and personal style – so go forth and rock that rainbow hair!

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