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Best Halloween Hairstyles For Spooky Season

Best Halloween Hairstyles For Spooky Season

Halloween is fast approaching, and you are probably thinking of what you will be this year. It isn’t easy to pull off a unique character every Halloween, but if you are going to try, then you must pull off an unforgettable look! The beauty of dressing up for Halloween is that you can explore your creativity and inspiration beyond the limit. While you ponder on the perfect character to take up this Halloween, I have put together 20 Halloween hairstyles to blend beautifully with your outfit and show that you mean business.

Let’s explore these spooky but beautiful hairstyles!

1. Spooky Pumpkin-styled hair 

Park up your hair in a single white bun and decorate it to look like a ghost and a pumpkin at the same thing. Go about with a spooky ghost on your head for an award-winning Halloween hairstyle. You will need to dye your hair or do a sew-in to pull it off. 

2. Unicorn Hairstyle

If you grew up loving unicorns and probably still believe that the mythical creatures exist, then you should pull off a unicorn-inspired hairstyle. You can even go all the way to dress like a unicorn with all the beautiful rainbow colors and effects that make up a sexy unicorn ensemble. 

3. Braid and Skulls

Merge simple braids with small spooky skulls for a cool Halloween hairstyle. Get a simple braid on your hair and add small skulls in between the braids. Use a hair and skull color that stands out to draw attention to the little skulls that sit on your hair.

4. Ghost Look with Short Hair

Keep your hair short and simple with this Halloween ensemble that comprises ghost makeup, short, colored hair, and clothes that match. Do you believe in ghosts? You might make some persons believe that ghosts exist if you pull off this costume perfectly. 

5. Medusa-Inspired Hairstyle

I will save you the story about how the beautiful Medusa became a monster. You probably already knew from Greek mythology that her hair was made of snakes that took the souls of people. Create a Medusa look with hair extensions and tons of plastic snakes to adorn your hair.

6.Creepy Braids

The crux of this look is as many creepy accessories you can get on your hair. Make the simple braid with lots of extensions to make it full and long, and then fill the hair with spiders, snakes, centipedes, and any scary accessory you can find.

Creepy Braids

Halloween Nail Art Ideas : https://www.stylendesigns.com/halloween-nail-art-ideas/

7. Two Wired Braids

Two wired braids are easy to pull off and look somewhat like horns, especially f you have a long-enough hair. The secret to making the braids pop is using colored threads or ribbons. Get creative with your face as well, and make it unique enough to catch attention.

8. Fairy Inspired Hairstyle

What if you want to look good without any spooky or ghost-like Halloween hairstyle? We’ve got something for you too. You can look like a fairy princess or goddess for Halloween with a long, full hairdo. You will need as many extensions as possible in bright colors and some flowers for a finishing touch.

10. Galaxy Girl Hairstyle

Who says you can’t pull off a feminine Halloween hairstyle and still turn heads? If you want to opt for something less spooky yet maintain the Halloween vibe, this galaxy girl look is perfect for you with the dreamy mix of blue, wine, and purple, alongside the stars and galaxies hanging off your hair. 

11. Harley Quinn

Let’s face it! Both girls and guys love the comic supervillain with her blue and pink pigtails alongside the baseball bat. Spend Halloween as a Harley Quinn by using temporary dye on your hair or adding blue and pink extensions to your hair. 

12. Cruella de Vil 

If you are familiar with Hundred and One Dalmatians, you must have heard of the notorious villain, Cruella de Vil. Even if you haven’t, her black and white hair is notorious and perfect for your Halloween style. What’s Halloween without some touch of evil?


13. Spooky Hairdo

Create a spooky hairstyle by incorporating many braids in a single hairstyle creatively. Adorn the braids with spooky accessories like spiders, snakes, centipedes, and other spooky insects that you can find. You can opt for bright or dark hair color, depending on your overall attire.

Spooky Hairdo

14. Game of Thrones-Inspired Braids

Whether you are a die-hard Sansa, Daenerys, or Arya fan, or you have no idea what I am talking about, Game of Thrones blessed us with some amazing hairstyles that will fit right into the mood of Halloween. Pull off a Game of Thrones-inspired braid that blends with your character this Halloween.

15. Beautiful Mermaid

To thrill people with a beautiful mermaid hairstyle, you need long luscious hair with the perfect color and accessories. Get blue or turquoise extensions and clips for your hair, and use hair accessories like shells, fishes, and stars, and other shine to finish up.

16. Gothic Halloween Style 

A Gothic Halloween hairstyle is both beautiful and creepy- and that is what we love about it. Pair very long hair with dark makeup and you are ready to thrill and scare. You can also add highlights to your hair, so long as it doesn’t take off the creepy edge.


Gothic Halloween Style 

16. Multi-Color Hairstyle

What better time to experiment with many hair colors than Halloween? Splurge on the hair colors for your Halloween hairstyle from blue to purple, red, green, pink, and anything that pops and combines well together. You can use temporary hair dyes or opt for a safer option of wigs and hair extensions. The finishing touch is a spooky headband.

17. Feline Hairstyle & Makeup

From a full-blown cat woman to a beautiful kitty, there are several feline-inspired hairstyles and makeup to choose from. If you choose the look in the picture below, you need long and full hair to make fake ears and makeup that produce the cute feline look to go with your attire.

Feline Hairstyle & Makeup

18. Mexican Day of the Dead-Inspired Look

The makeup and sugar skull from the famous Mexican Day of the dead holiday fits into the Halloween hairstyle theme perfectly, especially when you pair it with bright-colored hairstyles. Explore colors and hairstyles that fit the skull mask and take over Halloween with your style.

Mexican Day of the Dead
Source: aleks_sandraz

19. Devil

Have you ever heard the saying ‘beautiful devil?’ That is what you will pull off with this spooky look that comes with devil horns, blood, and some heavy makeup to give you a bold look. The horns can be as long or short as you want them. 

20. Ashley O Halloween Hairstyle

This simple and beautiful Ashley O Halloween hairdo needs a short purple wig and bangs styled to the side. Sometimes, the most beautiful styles are the simplest. However, you will need the perfect makeup and costume to bring out the beauty of this hairstyle. Pull it off as Miley Cyrus did, but this time, with some extra edge for Halloween!

Halloween is a time to get creative and have fun with your look, and the perfect hairstyle can bring your costume to the next level. From colorful wigs to elaborate braids and buns, there are endless Halloween hairstyle options. When choosing your Halloween hairstyle, consider the theme of your costume and how it will work with your hair length and texture. Don’t forget about hair accessories like spider clips or plastic Halloween themed toys for added Halloween flair. Have fun experimenting and don’t be afraid to rock a Halloween hairstyle that stands out from the crowd. Happy Halloween!

There you have it! The 20 best Halloween hairstyles. Which one are you choosing for this year’s Halloween? Please let us know!


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