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Top 20 Favorite Greek Hairstyles for Woman

Top 20 Favorite Greek Hairstyles for Woman
Greek Hairstyle for woman

Ancient Greek Hairstyles are a Dreamy and Gorgeous Hairdo. The sophistication style of the updos, the beautiful volume they create and also the attractive hair accessories which are used to pin on the hair, make woman have a stunning look.

I know most of women love these hairdos. And in this article we’re going to share the favorite Greek Hairstyles that we like the most!

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What hairstyle did the Greek women have?

According to Groco-Roman hairstyles, from wikipidia. In ancient Greece, hairstyles varied depending on the region and the age of the woman. In general, married women tended to wear their hair pulled back from their face, while unmarried women let their hair down.

Older women often wore their hair in a bun or knot at the back of the head, while younger women tended to wear it loose. Braids were also popular, and many women adorned their hair with flowers, beads, and other decorations.

The most famous hairstyle from ancient Greece is probably the cascade of curls worn by Cleopatra. This style was achieved by winding the hair around rods and then exposing it to heat.

While it may have been a bit impractical for everyday wear, it certainly made a dramatic statement.

Greek hairstyles we’re obsessed with

You just can’t overlook the endless imagination a Greek hairdo lets you to combine Jewelry, braid pigtails and playful swirls are head-turning elements in this hairdo and these components are the fundamentals of a Greek-inspired hairstyle.

Have a look at these Greek hairstyles we’re obsessed with – and we make sure you’ll Love and want to copy !

1. Elegance Top Knot Crown

Elegance Top Knot Crown

We love this elegance updo. The fishtail braid includes a fantastic detail to the untidy updo, while the gold headband is ideal for shining everything up.

2. Low Braided Updo with Decorated Piece

Low Braided Updo with Decorated Piece

If there’s some point your hair accessory collection is missing out-it’s this magnificent attractive golden leaf hair pin. We love exactly how it changes a low knotted bun into a Greek-inspired hairstyle, which is absolutely ideal for a special celebration-from Small Party, to your special day.

3. Loose Low Grecian Bun

Greek Hairstyle for woman
source : @KYKHAIR

Did we point out that Greek-inspired hairdos are everything about volume? if yes. They have the power to change your hair from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’. Try this hairstyle out for your next special day.

4. Messy Half-Updo Hairstyle

There’s nothing we love greater than a messy loose braid! This charming half-updo is everything about the impression of volume, as the loops have actually been pulled apart. Use hairpin to secure your pigtail braid in position– and you’re bound to listen to people murmur (good ideas).

5. Voluminous Curls Boho Updo

greek boho upd
Source : @KYKHAIR

Back hairpieces are our new fascination (at least one). We just can not get enough of low, Grecian buns style as well as decorative gold hair items- whether we set our hair up or down. Set beautiful hair accessory on voluminous, loosened curls and also you’ve successfully nailed the appearance.

6. Playful Two Knotted Bun Updo

Playful Two Knotted Bun Updo

Creating a new hairstyles would not be enjoyable if you can’t get a little playful. This two updo knot, It’ll keep your hair in place, it’ll score points for creative thinking-along with get a lot of compliments.

7.  Simple Curls Medium Hair

Simple Curls Medium Hair

Searching for concepts on how to enhance your medium-length hair? Look no further- attempt this Greek-inspired lively Curl hairdo. A lovely jewelled headband can be used to maintain the hair in place and in addition to making your hair appearance more trendy.

8. Enchanting Dual Lace Braid Updo

We love this simplicity Braid up. Just take one look at this splendid crown braid. You don’t have to add-on your hair with any decorative. This hairdo is bound to win people hearts as it is.

9. Beautiful Side Curls Braid

side curl braid

Prepare to be charmed. Large curls, with a stylish fishtail crown braid and also shiny dark chocolate tones are a winning mix. This half-updo catches exactly what Greek hairstyle have to do with splendid volume and also refined femininity.

10. Grecian Half-Updo with Hair Accessory

Very closely appearing like a timeless Greek with its waves and freely knotted hair, this half-updo effectively accomplishes an impression of volume. The hair is loosely. If you’re trying to find a touch of glam-this ornamental silver hair pin is the one you require!

11. Casual Greek Hairstyle Updo

Casual Greek Hairstyle Updo
Source: @ sweetvjewelry

As you can see, Greek hairstyle is not difficult to do by your self. Just twist your hair and put on a beautiful hairpin in the back. This style is perfect for any event.

12. Fishtail Braid Grecian Bun 

Fishtail Braid Grecian Bun 

We love the simpleness of this gorgeous low bun. This is a basic method which achieves a voluminous, minimalistic. Dress it up with a jewel flower piece to finish the appearance.

13. Rose Bun

Rose Bun
Source : @n.starck

‘Roses are red as well as violets are blue, but those replicas are so real’ are couple of words which pertain to your mind each time you ponder on this look. A favorite amongst wedding braid updo hairdos. This style radiates style and also elegance.

14. Pretty Half-Updo

What’s better than a lovely half-updo? A half-updo which can be accomplished in minutes, of course! When you master a fishtail braid- after that you have actually virtually grasped this whole hairstyle. Include a lovely Greek-inspired hair piece, and also you prepare to charm the group. Keep in mind simplicity is your friend.

15. Glam and Pink Grecian Updo

Pink Grecian Updo

Understanding exactly how to make a top knot with braids is the key to ending up being a Grecian hairstyle pro. Taking a conventional hairstyle and adding a colorful modern twist is what it’s everything about. Look more classy by wearing on a pair of extravagant headband.

16. Flowery Head Band with Loose Low Bun

Greek ladies usually styled their hair with attractive pieces. Try this style out for a wedding, or any other formal event. Leaving some loose, curly hair on the sides is key in achieving this wonderfully feminine. Choose your favorite Flowery headband to accomplish your look.

17.  Greek Goddess-Inspired Bouffant Updo

Greek Goddess-Inspired Bouffant Updo

An elegant hairdo is what we are looking for.If you’re a woman with long and also thick locks, then you’ll love this stunning Greek goddess-inspired updo for a special occasion. Small side braids create a wonderful, playful appearance while the volume is a definite head-turner.

18. Greek Hairstyle for Medium hair

Greek Hairstyle for Medium hair

There isn’t anything we don’t love concerning this crown side braid updo. Basic Charming Side crown. Having kind of highlights will add much more beauty to it.

19. Braided Half-Updo for Long Hair

Braided Half-Updo for Long Hair

For women with very long hair, this braided half-updo will certainly be the perfect hairstyle ideal. It’s quite easy but truly advanced because of the loosened hair that have actually been incorporated. We absolutely love the fishtail braid mix below

20. Grecian Hairstyle for Short Hair

Don’t be worry if you have short hair – Grecian Greek hairstyles are not exclusively reserved for long hair women. While transforming your short hair right into a voluminous updo isn’t really possible, it can look just as lovely when decorated with Greek-inspired hair jewelry. The most of What we enjoy about this hairstyle is the contrast of hair color vs the lovely hair decorative.


Greek hairstyles were often a way for the ancient Greeks to express their personal identity, as well as their social status and affiliations. Greek men would often wear their hair short, with some opting for shaved heads or “lion cuts.”

Greek women could be seen wearing wavy locks left loose or pulled back in elaborate updos, sometimes decorated with jewels or flowers. Greek hairstyles were highly important in religious ceremonies as well, where they would oftentimes don styles representative of specific gods and goddesses.

While Greek hairstyles have evolved over time, they still hold significance today in modern Greek culture. From the traditional Greek fisherman’s cap to Greek wedding hairstyles, Greek hairstyles are an integral part of the country’s history and traditions.


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