Home Haircare Products Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Volume Shampoo

After my long-term battle with hair loss, I am happy to admit I managed to seal the victory with the help of Volume Shampoo Kerastase and Vichy.

Now, I was looking for a shampoo+conditioner to give additional volume to my damaged fine hair. A friend of mine recommended me Frederic Fekkai Full Volume line. It worked great, so I decided to share my experience.

So, here we go.

Frederic Fekkai full volume hair products

Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo

From the manufacturer: Get additional boos of volume with Frédéric Fekkai’s Full Volume Shampoo. It contains milfoil, oak and cherry bark extracts which nourish fine hair, adding more body and volume.

My opinion:

Ok, first of all I should admit that my long and horribly thin locks that dramatically need volume. So, I had tried many shampoos, and often even had to give them to my friends with thicker hair, as usually the shampoos either didn’t give me any volume, or lifted my hair slightly, but damaged my ends, which is unacceptable. So, Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo really surprised me! My hair felt volumized, even when wet, in addition, it has rich texture, caramel-citrus fragrance, and you will only need a small amount to foam all the hair. I believe it works more than efficiently.

fekkai- full volume shampoo

At the same time, I have to warn you all that if you have thick, natural hair, it might not work for you. I had a friend of mine with such hair, and she told me, that this shampoo didn’t give her the volume she wanted. But, in my case, it worked perfectly.

Overall mark: A+

Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Conditioner

From the manufacturer: lightweight gel-based conditioner contains baobab leaves extract, will add volume to every piece of hair, never weighing your hair down, protects and gives smooth and healthy shine.

My opinion:

frederic fekkai full volume conditioner

So, this is the second part of my favorite Fekkai full volume couple. The conditioner has an amazingly feather-light texture, which indeed resembles gel. It is not greasy, but effectively neutralizes shampoo; has some beautiful fragrance, so your hair will smell magnificently throughout the day. I have to mention that in this case I would recommend using shampoo and conditioner together, not mixing them with other products, since I believe that these magical products would not work at all if used without each other.

my mark: A+

Overall, this pair of products works perfectly, especially for hair styling. Shampoo gives volume while the light conditioner gives shine and eliminates frizz.


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