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20 Festive Hairstyles To Rock This Holiday Season

20 Festive Hairstyles To Rock This Holiday Season

Festive Hairstyles, Christmas is the time for family gatherings and holiday parties, so why not add some festive flair to your hair? From elegant up-dos to playful braids, there are countless Christmas hairstyles options to choose from. Santa baby curls are a classic Christmas look, or you can incorporate holly or Christmas tree accents into a half-up style.

If you want to go all out, try adorning your hair with tiny Christmas lights for a truly unique look. Another option is to use Christmas ribbons and ornaments as hair accessories. No matter what style you choose, incorporating some holiday cheer into your hairstyle will surely add some extra jingle to your Christmas festivities.

So go ahead, have some fun with your hair this holiday season! This is the time to look for a new and trendy hairstyle that celebrates the season while giving you a wonderful look! Listed below are the Festive hairstyles we believe are absolutely the best!

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1. Red Ribbon

Sometimes, the simplest look is everything! Take a pretty ribbon, pull your hair back from the crown and you are ready to go! 

2. Twirl Around

Diy twist hairstyle

This classic twist is always a welcomed look over the holiday season! Add any accessories that match your taste and you are ready to Wow the crowds! This look created by Knot_me_Pretty

3. Rudolph Bun

Festive Hairstyles

Created by Strawbaryofficial, this is a fabulous style for the fun-loving woman you are! Let the world know, Rudolph is in town! If you are someone who visits children stuck in the hospital over the holiday, what would put a bigger smile on their faces?

4. Fabric Braid

Festive Hairstyles

This fun look includes a decorative, holiday piece of material entwined with your hair. This is a really cute look for your next holiday event. If you don’t know how to create this look, ask someone to show you how. This look is from Accessorize

5. Thrones Braids

Game of thrones hair braids tutorial

What woman does not love the Medieval braid look like in Thrones? It’s beautiful, soft, and ever so graceful. Visit Lulu’s for a great tutorial for creating this accent braid hairstyles for your next Christmas party!

6. Star Hair Pins

Diy star pin hairstyle

If you want a festive hairstyles that speaks volumes, take a look at this splendid creation. You can easily learn how to create this look by visiting Debbiecarlisale

7. Braid Headband

Christmas Hairstyles

Get a beautiful red headband to adorn your hair for the holidays. Take the braid headband to add a splash of color for your night on the town. Visit envyjewelry to see how easy it is to celebrate this festive season!

8. Twisted Bun


This basic bun is practically fundamental for the holiday season. You can alter it and dress it up for a gala held at work or for a celebration held by your friends.  From Lulu’s

9. High Pony Bow

When did the ponytail ever go out of style? Never! This style is a perfect blend of innocence and ready to join in on the holiday party!

10. Hair Bow

Talk about All-In-One!  Who needs a bow when you can turn your hair into one! Visit Here for great inspiration! 

11. Faux Bob

Are you looking for that perfect faux bob for a special occasion. Here it is!. Just curl and pin hair under.

12. Half-Up Twist

Half-Up Twist

This is a style to die for! Visit hair romance to learn how to create this simple but very elegant look.

13. Glitter and Braid

Glitter and Braid

This is a very trendy look that works perfectly this time of year. Try it out and see what you think!

14. Mermaid Braid

You can create this romantic, elegant braid. This braid is so beautiful you can leave it as is or add some accessories!

15.Sweater Weather Braids

Whether you are dashing through the snow or skiing down a mountain, celebrate the holidays with this ever so cozy style. Stop by Alex Gaboury for the details!

16. Bardot Inspired Braid

Bardot Inspired Braid

This braid is hot, sexy, and  great for celebrating the seasons. What is more perfect than dressing it up in a lovely red bow. Check this Youtube Channel for tutorial.  

17.Knotted Crown

Knotted Crown

You can either dress up this knotted maiden crown or play it down.  It’s perfectly gorgeous!. Visit braids_by_sophie for more Braid Styles.

18. Glitter Braid

Glitter Braid

Christmas time is all about glitter and glam, and what better way to add some sparkle to your look than with a glitter braid? This festive hairstyles can easily be achieved with just a bit of hair gel and loose glitter. First, create a basic braid in your hair and secure it with an elastic. Next, apply hair gel along the braid, making sure to cover each strand evenly.

Finally, sprinkle glitter over the gel-coated sections. Voila! You have yourself a shimmering Festive hairstyles that will surely turn heads at any holiday party. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and types of glitter for added Christmas cheer. And remember – the more sparkle, the merrier! Happy holidays! Thanks Idea from kuwait_glitterfun

19. Sparkle Bow

It’s time to sparkle this season. Dress up your hair with a dazzling perfect bow for the Christmas Season!.

20. Gift Bow Bun

Gift Bow Bun

You can create this bun for the middle of your head, or down by your nape. Either way, this is a stunning look to celebrate your holiday spirit! To learn how to create different looks, visit YouTube

Christmas is a time for family, friends and, of course, festive hairstyles! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your festive hairstyles, check out our top picks. From classic updos to statement curls, we’ve got Festive hairstyles to suit everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get Christmas ready with one of our lovely hairstyles.


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