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10 Easy 3-Minute Hairstyles That Can Help You Save Time

10 Easy 3-Minute Hairstyles That Can Help You Save Time

Depending on different activities done in the day-to-day routine by women, 3-minute hairstyles give the first impression of their beauty. In addition to it, it saves their time if they have to be punctual on what they plan for the day. This adds touch to their looks and makes them noticeable. To be precise, having a bad hair look can result to having a bad day.

Maintaining your hair as a woman sends the reflection of your identity since it is personal and public. A bad hair can affect your self-esteem in a serious way, as this is evident following history. Hair symbolizes femininity in most cultures and in most cases; a woman can spend much on styling her hair over her lifetime.

1. Triple Topsy Tail

3-minute hairstyles

In the old times, people used to have the topsy-tail hooks that could be helpful in making looped ponytails. Surprisingly, after decades the same process creates a stylish hair. The hairstyle typically takes three minutes at most to create and leaves it looking simple and stylish. You should try this out especially if you tend to run out of time when preparing for work or school. This is one of the easiest 3-minute hairstyles to ensure you keep track of time when creating it.

2. Using Thin Hair Band

Using Thin Hair Band

This is applicable for attending functions of any kind. You buy the hair band and wear it on your well-combed hair. It looks stylish and modern for 3-minute hairstyles.

3. Twisted bun for 3-minute hairstyles

Twisted bun for 3-minute hairstyles

Hair bun brings elegance in a woman at any given time as it does choose outfits. It works well with all kinds. Besides, it will only take you a few minutes to create this simple style. Creating this hairstyle involves brushing it to remove tangles and afterwards twisting the front right side section along the hairline and pinning it at the back. You can do the same procedure on your left side after which you can now remove the pins and tie the twisted sections using an elastic band. Gather your hair in a ponytail, then separate it in two sections and twist each around the ponytail and pin it into a bun shape. It is optional to add accessories for trendy looks.

4. Braided Rose Bun

Braided Rose Bun

This hairstyle is suitable for long hair in order to create the intended style without straining. It also works well if you have run out of time to wash your hair. The technique is simple for this specific hairstyle and does not require any special tools. Simple hairstyles are ideal for healthy hair. The process involves combing the hair and tying a low ponytail. You then twist the ponytail and swirl it around the elastic band in use on the ponytail. When swirling, pull some hair strands to create volume then swirl the tail into a spiral. This will create a flower shape. For better results, long hair will give bigger bun. You can finish by arranging hair stands and pinning using bobby pins.

5. Loose ponytail

Loose ponytail

Achieving a perfect bun has been the toughest style for many women. Likewise, a loose ponytail is not easy to achieve. In the case where you have dirty hair and seek to have an impressive look, loose ponytail becomes the better option. It goes well with casual outfits or date night out look. You can add some dry oil to get it shining and straighten it in layers. For the ponytail, a hairspray will do the magic in helping you enhance the volume. Pull your hair back from sides into a low ponytail. Avoid pulling the hair tightly towards the back then tighten the ponytail. Afterwards gently pull the pieces around the hair tie to create the loose texture.

6. French twist

French twist

A French twist may appear complex to other women while others find it interesting and ideal for their hairstyle. You can use different techniques to come up with the best style of your choice through French twisting. First, you can comb you hair towards your left side, then pin at the back to hold it in place. Apply hairspray and brush your hair gently and twist your hair up then insert pins on the curling hair. Tuck the loose ends of the hair inside twists to attain a good French look. This can work effectively since it is among the best 3-minute hairstyles.

7. Loose knot

Loose knot

This is ideal style for night out functions and essential if it is right. The 3-minute hairstyles look can be easy to create using all types of hair-length. You create it by pulling your hair into a loose ponytail as you prefer, then separate the hair in your ponytail in sections either two or three and tease. Separate the teased hair in sections again, wrap in opposite directions, and pin your hair about an inch from the bottom of the strands. It is crazy but amazing to work this hair bun on dirty hair. Afterwards, you can simply spray your hair using a dry shampoo to add grip and texture.

8. Crown Braid

It is an ideal style for attending parties. You simply part the hair on one side and pick a small section of hair for braid. Then following the Dutch braid procedure, pin it from the bottom to give the shape of a crown.

9. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail

This hairstyle is an advance from last decades and can even be a suitable look for the red carpet functions. It is easy to style, as it only requires you to tie your hair in a low ponytail. Gather your strands loosely to the side and spread your glamorous look.
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10. Perfect curl

Perfect curl

Turning your hair into a perfect stylish look has never been easier. You can achieve this glam look through shiny curls. You sock your bun, then curl your hair in the ponytail and let it down easy. Working on the 3-minute hairstyles techniques, you will be impressed with the results. Applying the above hairstyles can save you time and add a touchy feeling in your look. You can still look outstanding if the processes are correctly looked into.

We hope you enjoyed learning about 3-minute hairstyles! Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a busy morning, these quick and easy styles can help you look your best in a pinch. Remember, practice makes perfect – the more you try out these hairstyles, the faster and smoother the process will become. So go ahead, give them a shot and see how much time you can save in your Beauty routine! Happy styling!

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