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15 Most Attractive Dreadlock Hairstyles For men

15 Most Attractive Dreadlock Hairstyles For men

Dreadlocks have long been a popular hairstyle for men, and it’s easy to see why. Dreadlocks are versatile, low maintenance, and can easily be customized with beads and other accessories to add personal flair. Plus, they never go out of style – some of the most famous figures in history, including Bob Marley and Dreadlock Hairstyles For men Pharaohs, were known for their dreadlocks.

So if you’re looking for a unique hairdo that allows you to express yourself, try out a set of dreadlocks. Just remember that the process of creating and maintaining them may take several months, so be prepared for commitment. But trust us – it will be worth it in the end when you rock your new dreadlock hairstyle with confidence.

The history of dreadlock hairstyles points to their origins in Egypt or India because of their association with the various gods and pharaohs. Even after so many centuries, the dreadlock hairstyles for men, is still acceptable as a fashionable hairstyles and is always appreciated.

1. Two Strand Twist Dreads

dreadlock hairstyles for men

Another way to rock a dreadlock hairstyle is a two strand twist dreads technique. These types of locks can be created with any length of hair. The choice of hair length is yours and according to your preference. Here, in this image below you can see how nicely the two strand twist dreads are combined with a high fade undercut making it look super cool and up-to-date.

2.High top Dreads

dreadlock hairstyles for men

If you are new to the dreadlock style and don’t want your hair to grow out, the high top dreads are a good hairstyle to try out. You don’t need long hair to create this hairstyle and due to its length it is the most manageable dread styles of all. Wrap them in high top dreadlock styles for men if you feel the length of the hair will come in your way.

3.Dreadlock Braid Styles for Men

dreadlock hairstyles for men

If you want to try something new that is not very commonly found in the dreadlock styles for men, then you can try out the braids with dreads. You can leave the first half of the hair in tight twisted braids and the second flows into dreadlocks.

4.Extremely Long Dreads

Long Dreads

Yes, this hairstyle is difficult to maintain and you must have understood by its length itself. Taking care of such long dreads is a challenge by itself, but there is no harm in trying this at least once. There are many styling options, but keep in mind they will require a lot of care and attention.

5. Double Braided Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men

Double Braided Dreadlock

If you love your long locks, then a dreadlock hairstyle can be made to look nice and cool. Braided dreadlocks are a nice twist to the long dreadlocks if the initial hairstyle has been contoured as a dreadlock. Style your long dreadlocks as feed-in braids that rest happily on your back.

6. Dreadlock Styles for White Men

Dreadlock Styles for White Men

Dreadlock styles were initially common in some regions and culture. But, now this trendy hairstyle has been accepted by a wide variety of men with naturally long and curly hair. Even white men can try this hairstyle if they have long hair. If you are interested in sporting a dreadlock style, then make sure that the method you use is best for your hair and your pockets.

7. Two Tone Short Dreadlocks Styles for Men

Two Tone Short Dreadlocks

Here, in this picture, the use of color is very subtle making it very attractive. The difference in the color is very noticeable, but enough care is taken to not to make it look too flashy. This coloring style works not only for the dreadlocks, but for all the length hair.

8. Dreadlock Afros for Men

Dreadlock Afros for Men

If you are a lover of Afro hairstyle then try it out with the dreadlocks. Allow the dreadlocks to form naturally and your textured locks will also gain the main shape of an Afro. This is a good, realistic and fashionable method to rock the dreadlock style.

9. Mohawk Style Dreadlocks

Mohawk Style Dreadlocks

To appear daring, the Mohawk style dreadlock is perfect if you have sufficiently long locks. Even though the image here doesn’t depict an exact Mohawk hairstyle, the shape of the dreadlocks here will remind you of the rebellious hairstyle. The undercut here is a little bit edgy boosting of dynamism and the dreads are brilliantly styled too.

10. Half Up and Half Down Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Half Up and Half Down Dreadlocks Hairstyle

This dreadlocks hairstyle is suitable for both medium length and long length hair people. Use a simple hair tie to wrap the first half back so the strands don’t cover your face. This dreadlocks idea is great for professional situations.

11. Pulled up Dreadlock Styles for Men

Pulled up Dreadlock

Medium length and long locks can be easily pulled up into a man bun and you will be surprised how easy it is to style your dreadlocks. This ensures there is a lot of attention for your hairstyle, just be casual and tie your dreads to impress.

12. Small Undercut Long Dreads

Small Undercut Long Dreads

Even a small undercut can make a huge difference to the dreadlocks and this hairstyle is a perfect example of this. You can sport a dreadlock that is long and wear it according to the latest trend. To attain this look, you just have to shave off a small area all around under and see the change in your appearance.

13. Locks Updo

Locks Updo

This is a pretty interesting hairstyle. If you want a permanent updo for your locks, then consider getting this one done. This hairstyle can be worn in an office setup and as well as in a casual setup with a lot of ease. You can be as cool as ever for any event of the day.

14.Large Undercuts and Twisted Locks

Undercuts and Twisted Locks

A steep looking undercut always does a great job of outlining the dreadlock style for men. Here, in this case the dreads are twisted locks that are tied to the front. This is a new trend or you may say a new variation to the dreadlocks that is sure to gain a lot of eyeballs.

15. Ombre Locks

Ombre Locks

Dreadlocks with a bit of color always look interesting. This style can add a lot to your personality. This image with the Ombre locks is a perfect example of how the natural hair color can be combined well with copper to make it look attractive.

Dreadlocks have long been a popular hairstyle for men, and there are endless variations to choose from. Whether you opt for tightly coiled or loose dreads, this hairstyle is sure to make a statement. Dreadlocks can even be styled in different ways – try wearing them to the side, pulled back into a ponytail, or accessorized with beads or wraps. No matter how you choose to rock your dreads, one thing remains certain: they will always turn heads and showcase your individuality. So men, don’t be afraid to experiment with dreadlock hairstyles and embrace your inner boldness. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Ref: stylendesigns.com


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