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20 Different Types Of Bangs Styles. Which One Is Right For You?

20 Different Types Of Bangs Styles.  Which One Is Right For You?

As long as there are creative hair stylists, there will always be so many different styles to choose from.  It can actually become quite overwhelming. Well, we are here to help you find the different types of bangs styles that is best for you.

If you have decided to add bangs to your hairstyle, you should take a look at the photos we have listed, below. before making a decision. We have conveniently listed them by categories including the length of hair and hair texture. We have also listed some different types of bangs styles by what is very popular and quite beautiful.

WARNING! If you find a style you want to add to your hairstyle, DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF! You should hire a professional hair stylist to do this fore you, especially if this is your first time having bangs. You could end up heading to the nearest stylist!.

I. Different Types Of Bangs Styles Depending On Hair Length

1. Bangs Shaped For Short Hairstyles

different types of bangs styles

As you will notice throughout the article, you too can have bangs even if you have short hair. This example shows you one of the newest trends called “Baby Bangs”.

2. Casual Short Hair Bangs

Short Hair with Bangs

We have spent a lot of time showing really gorgeous ways to wear short hair with bangs in many gorgeous fashions.  On the other hand, if you are prone to casual, you might want to consider the side-swept look shown above.

3. Medium Length Hair With Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs and Medium Length Hair

If you had short hair for a long time, but now letting your hair grow out, there are many ways to wear your bangs. Medium length hair offers a wonderful style known as curtain bangs which is perfect for accentuating the lovely brown to blonde balayage. Balayage means a technique which highlights hair by painting the dye in a fashion to create a gradual natural look.

4. Styles Of Bangs For Long Hair

Types of Bangs for Long Hair - side bangs

Side bangs have always looked stunning no matter the length of hair, but they look especially wonderful with long hair and you can easily make them stand out. Just pull your hair up in a bun or maybe a ponytail and check out the results.

5. Show Off Your Long Hair With Fringe Bangs

Long Hair with Bangs or Fringe

Everyone just seems to love how fringe compliments this long, wavy looks a little disheveled. By the way, there is no difference between the term fringe and bangs.  It all depends what term you use.

II. Types Of Bangs For Different Hair Types

6. Bang Styles For Thin Hair

Types of Bangs for Thin Hair - Bardot Bangs Idea

There is now a new category dedicated to finding the best bangs for your hair type.  One of the most popular and beautiful styles if this knock-out look from Lucy Boynton. But if you want to make your bangs look fuller,  you need to add Bardot bangs to your style. This style comes from the absolutely gorgeous actress Brigitte Bardot.

7. Styles For Thick Hairstyles

types of bangs for thick hair

If you have thick hair, you know how difficult it is to control.  You might want to consider layering your hair for more manageable results. The above photo will give you inspiration when you are ready for a new look in bangs.

8. Styles For Curly Hair

Types of Bangs for Curly Hair

Sadly, there are many who believe that if you have curly hair, you cannot have bangs. Well, we are here to show you, that if you have curly hair you most certainly can have bangs! Here is a great example how you can add a fringe of your curly hair and look stunning! Here is a great style for adding fringe to your curly hair and look amazing.

9. Different Kinds Of Straight Bangs

The Different Types of Straight Bangs

As many women with straight hair do not have volumes of tresses, chances are,  your hair will look flat.  You can fight this by having a full-frontal of fringes which is a lovely look created effortlessly.

10. Wavy Hair With Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs for Wavy Hair

If you have straight bangs, it’s not going to look very natural if you have wavy hair. Instead, consider going with wispy bangs, you will look fantastic!

III. A List Of All Styles Of Bangs

11. The Different Types Of Bangs

wispy curtain bangs

There are so many different styles of bangs for you to choose from. We think these styles will look absolutely fantastic. These bangs are simple but you can easily style and wispy bangs can be styled as curtain bangs.

12. Frontal Bangs

Types of Front Bangs

Not everyone should have frontal bangs,  it all depends on the shape of your face and whether you wear them above or below your eye line. You will look stunning!

13. Different Side Swept Bangs

The Different Types of Side Swept Bangs

The same ideas apply to side swept bangs. Depending on the shape of your face and your forehead, you can choose to go with shorter or longer bangs. We, personally, would recommend going with longer bangs. It’s easier to brush them or pulling them behind your ear.

14. Consider Side Bangs

side bangs and long hair

Side bangs are very similar to side-swept bangs and curtain bangs. While in actuality, side bangs are only on one side of your face while the rest of your hair looks perfectly normal.

15. Side Swept Bangs

side swept bangs

This is simply another way to style your hair. You are actually sweeping your bangs to whichever side of your face you prefer.

16. Fringe Hair

long fringe hair

Bangs, also known as fringe hair, can add a unique and stylish dimension to any hairstyle. Whether you choose blunt bangs that skim your eyebrows, side-swept bangs for a sophisticated look, or wispy bangs for a more playful vibe, the options are truly endless. Bangs also have the added benefit of framing your face, helping to enhance your features and draw attention to your best qualities.

Plus, they can add volume and texture to fine or thin hair. If you’re considering getting bangs, be sure to communicate with your stylist about different types of bangs styles and the specific look you want to achieve. With the right cut and maintenance routine, fringe hair can take your hairstyle to the next level.

17. Long Bangs

wavy hair and long bangs

When it comes to bangs, the options are seemingly endless. Whether you prefer a soft, side-swept look or a bold and blunt cut, there’s a bang style out there for everyone. Want to change up your style without committing to the full chop? Try long, wispy bangs that can be swept to the side or curled under for a different look.

Or, go for an edgier vibe with statement-making heavy bangs that hit right at the eyebrows. No matter what type of bangs you decide on, make sure to schedule regular trims to keep them looking fresh and avoiding any potential split ends. So go ahead and experiment – with different types of long bang styles, the possibilities are endless.

18. Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

These bangs will curtain your face and depending on the length, will draw attention to one or several features of your face.  As an example, longer bangs will generally hide your eyes.

19. Short Bangs

girl with short bangs

Although these bangs might be considered Baby Bangs, while they are short, they are actually longer than Baby Bangs and are considered the first version of short bangs.

20. Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs

This is the last style of bangs on our list.  They are similar to fringe bangs but are usually fuller, straighter, and compact to your forehead.

If you are looking for a new style for your bangs, our list has many choices to choose from. Keep in mind the length of your hair and the texture of hair such as fine, coarse, curly, etc. Know your preferences to decide which types of bangs will work best for your hair.  It’s also a good idea to to talk to a professional stylist to get some good advice.

All said and done, decide which styles are on your favorite list and in reality, which styles would you prefer to wear? I would strongly recommend you talk with a professional hairstylist before making a choice.


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