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32 Awesome Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles to Copy

32 Awesome Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles to Copy
Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Awesome Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles to Copy

Celebrities have all the fun. They have a team of ultra-talented stylists and designers to assist them while creating a head-turning look to impress everyone at A-list functions. Want to look just like them on your big day? Well look no further, because we are here with our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list to help you out with ideas to copy their styles and look stunning just like them.

1. Blake Lively’s beach curls

Ok, we have to admit, Blake Lively looks awesome no matter what she does, but who is to say that we can’t totally copy her style. This easy to create look on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list can be achieved with straightening iron or curling rod and will look good with both blondes and brunettes.

2. Cara Delevingne’s Side Swept Hair

The beautiful side swept look sported by the gorgeous Cara Delevingne not only looks absolutely amazing but is really easy to copy as well. This is easily our favorite among Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles looks as it effortlessly charming.

3. Chanel Iman

The sleek bun is one of the most sophisticated hair styles in our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list. The dazzling supermodel Iman, looks absolutely ravishing in this stylish hair-do and exudes an aura of glorious simplicity, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s ever-lasting style.

4. Elle Fanning’s Ethereal Look

Elle Fanning is showing how a bride can look like a fairy-tale princess on her big day with her Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles. Just add a crown-like wreath on freshly blow-dried hair and you are ready to make every one’s jaw drop when they see you.

5. Blake Lively’s Updo

Blake Lively is again on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list, this time with a slightly messy looking bun, styled with a pretty hair band.

6. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is slaying in this pic, with her center partitioned hair bun made to look soft and adorable with the loose hair bangs on the sides.

7. Emma Stone’s 80s Curls

Emma teaches us how 80’s bob and curls can look great on a beautiful blonde. The side partition in this look makes it soft and glamorous.

8. Blake Lively’s Side Swept Braid

Are we in love with Blake or what? Her messy side braid with accessories just in the right place make this an ideal style for the wedding day.

9. Erdem Spring Fashion Show

The ribbon band pulled into a bow at the nape of the neck, looks stunning with a low braided bun, on this model.

10. Gigi Hadid’s High Bun

Another variation to the braided bun is the one we see here on our favorite supermodel Gigi, in this high bun style that she is donning.

11. Gigi Hadid’s side hair with bun

Gigi Shows us how to turn a regular bun into a beautiful romantic affair by a simple side partition and side swept hair to frame her face.

12. Sarah Hyland’s Soft Curl Look

Sarah’s soft loose bun, created with a side partition of hair coiled to perfection and loosely held with flowing hair strands on the side is looking stunning in our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list.

13. Jennifer Anniston Youthful Look

The half-up, half-down hair worn by Jennifer is ideal for weddings. By pulling side hair over the front braid, the harshness of the frizzed-out corners can be easily hidden away.

14. Jennifer Lawrence’s slight waves

Jennifer’s white, blonde hair, look super dazzling with slight waves and a very short haircut.

15. Jessica Chastain’s flowy locks

This red-haired bombshell looks deliciously sexy in this hair style. Just pinning your hair back and letting a few hair strands, fall on your face can make you look so beautiful.

16. Julianne Hough’s Ponytail

Another great style to copy from our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list, is Julianne Hough’s high ponytail. Enhancing this look by back-combing the hair in the front gives volume, while the curled pony tail looks soft and pretty.

17. Kendall Jenner’s flowery appeal

Kendall looks gorgeous in these deep waves created on one side, beautifully adorned with tropical flowers on the other side.

18. Kim Kardashian’s Princess Look

Kim looks like Princes Jasmine from the Disney movie with the sequined hair accessory. She has opted for a no-fuss, sleek back hairstyle to enhance the veil.

19. Kirsten Dunst Floral Style

Kirsten’s style is similar to Elle Fanning’s look as far as the floral wreath accessory is concerned. Her slightly messy, braided hair with a soft, side bang looks extremely stylish.

20. Lily Donaldson

The charming Lily has opted for a side-parted, simple low ponytail. The ponytail itself is softly curled to enhance the chicness of this simple look.

21. Marchesa Bridal Show

This model shows us how a simple center-parted bun, can be made stylish with the addition of statement hair accessories.

22. Miley Cyrus’s Bravura

Miley is channeling Jackie O’s look, with her side swept, beautifully blow-dried curls. The ombre dyed effect in her hair enhances the overall appearance of this gorgeous singer.

23. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is another star/model opting for the side swept hair look on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list. Her honey-brown hair complements her glowing complexion, while the earrings are to die for.

24. Reem Acra Bridal Show

The intertwined flowers in a front-sided braid looks very alluring on this Reem Acra Bridal Show model. Although the look is somewhat difficult to copy, than the rest of the styles in our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles idea list, but a little effort will make your guests go wow.

25. Rihanna’s Messy Locks

This “Umbrella” singer flaunts a very dark, noir hair color, styled with thin strands to drape her gorgeous features and a messy updo at the back.

26. Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show

Light brown hair and a sleek partition to the right, makes this model look chic and elegant. This one, is an easy to copy style, that you can achieve with hair mousse and spray.

27. Sandra Bullock’s lustrous locks

Sandra has selected simple, neat and straight hair for this red-carpet look. By keeping some of her hair over her shoulder, she has added a flair of elegance to the overall style.

28. Sophie Turner red locks

This Game of Thrones beauty’s recognizable long red locks, look stylish and youthful in a simple high ponytail and loose waves.

29. Suki Waterhouse

Suki’s honey blond hair have been pulled up in loose waves, adorned with beads and pearls. The front portion has been slightly pressed to enhance the effect of the curls on the side.

30. Taylor Hill

Another smooth, glossy bun turns up on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list. This shows how popular this style is. Taylor looks modish and swanky with a cherry pout to kill.

31. Tony War Fashion Show

Light blonde hair swept up in a way that looks effortless yet voguish, makes this model look just right on the runway.

32. Taylor Swift Southern Belle Look

We have selected Taylor’s sweet look for our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles because we feel that it can go well with any facial features or any dress design. Soft waves, cover one side of face to emphasize her gorgeous diamond earrings.

We have provided you an assorted list of Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles, that you can easily copy for you big day. Not only are these styles easy to reproduce, they are specifically chosen for being wedding day appropriate and will make any bride look ravishing.

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