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20 Accent Braid Hairstyles and How To Recreate Them at Home

20 Accent Braid Hairstyles and How To Recreate Them at Home

If you know how to create accent braid hairstyles, you are indeed a master of style in that case. Whether you are making accent braids for your gym work or due to a wedding, creating stylish and trendy accents braids will help you look chic and fashionable. An accent braid hairstyles is nifty, but it is an essential fundamental in the hair industry. Making an accent braid is an easy thing to do, and also it looks a lot appealing if it is messy.

It saves a bad hair day! Especially if one cannot shower hair or do not have the time to brush hair or style them accordingly, accent braids are at service to help.

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Some of the accent braid styles are as follows.

French fishtail braid 

If you are up for a date, some party, or if you are a bridesmaid, then this is the ultimate style for the occasion. If you have long medium hair, this fishtail is going to suit you a lot. The hair in this style is made or twisted in the form of a wreath. This way, it looks versatile plus elegant. French fishtail is a romantic and fun going style that works in all season. Especially during the humid season, when you are not willing to let hair come over your face, this hairstyle will save you.

Micro fronts braids

For rock concerts, friends party and festivals, this hairstyle is going to be worth a shot. This hairstyle is going to suit those who are fond of messy and not so neat hairstyles. With messy hair, you can make two thin knotless braids at the sides. This way, your hair will look elegant but straightforward enough—this the most effortless hairstyle so far. If you are not up for formal hairstyling, then fronts braids are going to help you.

Fishtail ponytail

Ponytails are an everyday hairstyle—everyone, whether at work or home, tie their hair in pony style. But if you want something new or craving to spice up your everyday pony style, then go for a fishtail ponytail. The name sounds a little complicated but nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to cloak the ponytail with fish braid and then let it dangle. This hairstyle is pretty suitable for medium and long hair. And you can carry this hairstyle at work and even at parties.

Big and little braids

accent braids hairstyles

Sounds interesting. As mentioned above, in the case of micro tails, two tiny braids are made at the hair’s sides. To make the hairstyle look more formal, the micro bottoms are made prominent with a Dutch-style braid. This way, you can decorate the Dutch braid with flowers or even a tiara and can carry these hairstyles to weddings. Even at your wedding too!

Summer camp braids

accent braids hairstyles

Don’t rely on the name. It is a complicated and comprehensive hairstyle of all. It requires time to be flawlessly executed. It gives the feel of braiding bracelets at summer camps. For such a comprehensive hairstyle, one must keep a good hair spray. And spray it over your hair once you are done with the braid. This way, your hairstyle will remain intact for quiet along, and you can enjoy the evening.

Braided updo

If you are looking for something that holds hair in the form of a hair bun, then this is the style you are looking for. This hairstyle involves a much long Dutch braid. The hair is taken from the head’s left side and is then lowered and completed in the shape of a centrally placed bun. In the same way, you can leave a few strands of your hair from the hairline when you braid is twisted and is diagonally placed to the opposite side with hidden bobby pins.

If your hair is colored this hairstyle is going to look fabulous. This hairstyle gives both a casual and formal look. You can carry it to a wedding by decorating it with flowers, or if you are looking for something casual, then this Dutch braid bun will suit you.

French braided updo

French braided updo

The same as the braided updo described above but with two additional, or you can say differences. This hairstyle is not for long or short hair. It goes with shoulder-length hair and that too with a French braid. This hairstyle is suitable for carrying it at corporate as well as birthday parties.

Large Dutch side braid

This hairstyle is also pretty simple yet very appealing if made precisely. This hairstyle goes well with the medium as well as long silky hair. The primary step in this hairstyle involves forming the main Dutch braid that starts from the head’s sides. Later add texturizing lotion or powder to make it look fleecy. You can also add ribbons or baby breaths to the Dutch braid to make it look appealing and formal. Choices are yours.

Deconstructed down braid

Why is it names as Deconstructed? This style involves a centered large braid with multiple strands of curled hair hanging from it. This braid suits long and thick hair. The greater the volume of the hair, the more elegant this hairstyle is going to look. You can carry this hairstyle both formally as well as casually.

Twist Accent Braid Hairstyles

If you don’t know how to make French or Dutch braid, don’t worry. Twisting the hair is equal and similar to French braid. All you have to do is to rotate each strand of hair together or to mix it with another strand of hair to give some volume. To make it look more appealing, keep the rest of the hair a bit fuzzy or messy.

Updo micro twist 

You have to create a French twist in this hairstyle and then give it an updo twist. It doesn’t sound very easy and deconstructed, but it will look sophisticated and exceptional once you make this look. You can carry this hairstyle to office work or even at casual parties with friends and family. This hairstyle is about balancing both twists and French braids.

Pigtail braids

Pigtail braids

Every girl loves this pigtail hairstyle. This hairstyle is pretty different from the traditional Dutch braid because this braid involves several elastics. And that’s the beauty to it. This hairstyle will make your face look oval shape and will give your hair sufficient volume. Second, it can make you feel like a princess, or with this hairstyle, you can become a rockstar.

Bubble braid 

A little tricky but the most elegant hairstyle. This hairstyle involves many elastics. First, tie up your hair in pony style and seize it with an elastic. Then tease the ponytail in baggy sections. Remember every time you tie an elastic, hold the ponytail with firmness from one hand and, with another hand, pull the elastic over the tail. This way, you will be able to create a bubble look. And you can carry this hairstyle at parties or weddings too.

Cornrows into ponytails

This hairstyle requires time and patience, but the result is a beautiful hairdo. Make a ponytail and create different sizes and shapes of small tiny braids starting from the head’s frontal part. Use different and decent colors of elastics and place them frontally to give it a sewn look. This will create an ethnic look, and you are going to look spectacular.

Festival braids

Festival braids

This is the most fun-loving and versatile hairstyle as it involves different color boxed hair braids. This way, you can add additional colors to your hairstyle without dying with different shades. This is a long-lasting and incredible hairstyle to visit summer camps and casual parties. Try this out!

Front micro fishtail braid

Front micro fishtail braid

This hairstyle, if made correctly, it’s going to look fabulous. Make a tight fishtail braid. Partition your hair and create wavy alternating strands coming from your head’s right and left side and then overlap these around. Make these strand tight and wavy and giving it a finishing touch by securing the strands and braids with a hairclip.

Dutch braid into a top knot

It is not that difficult as it seems through the name. Divide your hair into two halves through your hands or comb. Lower down your head and start making a braid. Once done, secure the braid and make a messy bun on top. Well, repeat the same over the other side, and you are ready to party! If you want to make it more appealing, add colored spray or glitters.

Cornrows Rock style

Anyone who wants to look a little gothic or needs to represent a gothic look, this accent braid hairstyles is all you need. Cornrows are made with regular proportioned framing and ideal contours. rocky and messy style.

Infinity braids

Infinity braids

This accent braid hairstyles is time-consuming but super cool and gorgeous. While weaving your tremendously enormous hair, your hands’ movements give it an infinity look—that is why we call it infinity braids.

Headband braid 

Headband braid

Why using plastic or wooden bands for hair when you can easily make one through your hair? Yes, that’s right. Lose your hair and create a beautiful accent braid hairstyles starting from the right side and ending it towards the left. That’s how you transform it into a unique accent braid hairstyles.

It’s been a thrilling journey trying out accent braid hairstyles over the past few weeks! We’ve experimented with mini braids, fishtail braids, and even French braids. One thing we’ve learned is that accent braids are not just for long hair – adding small braids to a pixie cut or bob can give them a unique and fun twist.

Plus, accent braid hairstyles give the opportunity to add in fun hair accessories like colored thread or beads for an extra pop of color. Whether you opt for delicate accent braids or bold statement braids, there’s no doubt that incorporating small braids into your hair routine can add some spice to any hairstyle. So go ahead, give accent braid hairstyles a try and see how they can elevate your look!


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