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A Biggest Hairstyle Mistakes That Are Aging You

A Biggest Hairstyle Mistakes That Are Aging You

Styling your hair is always nice, but sticking to the same hairstyle for a long duration may make you look older than you really are. Experts will always suggest that you should change your hairstyle or differently style your aging hair at least once a few years. It is not only the hairstyle mistakes that age you, but things like, hair colors and parts can also add years to your look.

A hairstyle may suit you at younger age, but sticking to it for so many years will not make you look cute or youthful. The outdated hairstyles are not the only thing that adds a couple of years to your appearance. Whether you are trying to cover your gray hair, or are experimenting with colors, or even trying out a trendy style, make sure it doesn’t make you look older than what you are.

After talking to various experts, we came to know how to keep looking young and still be daring with your hair.

Wrong Hair Color

hairstyle mistakes

Hair graying can happen at any age. In today’s time and age, hair starts graying way too early. So, if you want to color your hair, according to experts, it is advisable to choose a hair color very carefully. If you have decided to color your gray hair at home, then choose a product that says “formulated for grays”.

If the hair color is not meant for grays, then you won’t get the exact color saturation that you are looking for.
Most people would be asking themselves, why gray hair needs a special hair color. The reason being, gray hair is coarser than the rest of the hair. The gray hair is lighter, so the product needs to be extra strong to penetrate the gray hair and cover up all the grayness.

A famous magazine called “Real Simple” suggests using two types of hair color, one that is the regular color and the other being the darker shade.

This makes sure that the stubborn grays absorb all the color and gives your hair the natural look that you want to acquire.
But, if you have lot of grays, then you should consider visiting a professional for the best results. If you go to a salon, your hair will be treated with a pre-treated peroxide solution.

This softens up the hair and makes it vulnerable to the hair color according to Real Simple. A stylist can use a customized solution to give you that perfect color.

Hair color does not match with your skin tone

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We see a lot of celebrities sporting different hair colors and often think of sporting those colors for our hair, be it red, black, silver or any other color. But, before you decide to color your hair with any of the colors, make sure the hair color matches with your skin tone.

It is true that your favorite celebrity may be looking great in that particular hair color, but that same color may not suit your skin tone. Having a hair color that doesn’t go with your skin tone will make you look older and unattractive.

You can decide your skin tone by looking at the veins in your hands, if they are blueish, then your skin tone is cool. If it is greenish, then it is warm. After deciding the skin tone, accordingly decide the matching hair color that will complement you. Warm skin tones can try out strawberry blonde, brown, red or black.

Cool skin tones, can go for brown, ash blonde, black with blue, or violet undertones. You can have any hair color if you like, but make sure it goes well with the warmth and coolness of your complexion.

Understanding your hair type

Before you begin coloring your hair, you need to first understand your hair type. This is extremely essential as it allows you to get to know your tresses well. This will enable you to know a bit about hair levels and tones before you pull out the coloring kit.

What does level of hair mean? It means how light or dark it is. Level one is pitch black and level 10 is platinum blonde. The hair tone means the amount of underlying red and yellow pigments in the hair. Hair tones have letters assigned to them and they vary from cool ash violet “NA” to very warm gold beige “NVA”. A 4NA will look different from a 4NVA even though the level may be same.

Each and every person has a hair level and tone and it is best to know all of these so that you can choose the right hair color for your hair that suits you well.

If you color your hair thinking it to be level one and in reality it is level four, then the hair color is going to be wrong. For certain levels and colors, it is advisable to leave the decisions to a professional who will be able to guide you and make you look good. Experts also warn against bleaching your hair at home.

Bleaching at home often leads to weird colors, hair drying and sometimes large chunks of hair falling. The purpose of this information is to make you aware and not to scare. Knowing your natural level of hair will give you a realistic idea of the right hair color to use. If all these things are taken care of, then you will automatically look younger.

Wrong Part

Do you remember the day when you decided to part your hair differently? It must be a while since you have done this. Though part in your hair is the easiest changes for hairstyles, but it is the one we make the least. Instyle recommends keeping a side part or off-center part for the most attractive look.

Though the centre part looks harsh, certain celebrities do sport them in style, but it may not look good on someone who has not spent hours perfectly contouring their face. Any style that is harsh tends to be aging. If you are happy with your centre part, then you probably may be having a great face for it, but if you have not experimented with a new part for a long time, then it is time to change.

Scared of Bangs

If you are not happy about the brow lines, then bangs is the best solution to hide it. There are many bang options out there. Pick the right kind of bangs that will suit the shape of your face. If you have round face, then go for the thick, gently arched bangs and go for side-swept bangs for heart shaped face. For oval shape faces, it is best to go for whatever bangs you want, as all styles suit oval shape.

Keep hairstyle that hasn’t changed

Maintaining the same hairstyle for decades will make you look older for sure. It automatically makes you look like you have lived through decades and you will be a guessing game when age is concerned. Go for a good retro hairstyle that suits you and don’t hesitate to experiment and try something new.

A new hairstyle doesn’t have to be anything drastic. You can just trim them, part your hair in a different manner or sport curls if you have straight hair. This will freshen up your appearance. Try something new and if you are not comfortable, you can always go back to your favorite hairstyle.

Trying hard to look young

Trying hard to look young is a sure way to make you look older. That doesn’t mean you should not try out the youthful looks, but don’t go overboard. If you are 30, don’t try hard to look like an 18 year old youngster. Choose a hairstyle that makes you happy and because you love it and not because you want to look like a young kid of these days.

Lacking Confidence

Whatever maybe your hairstyle or clothes, if you lack confidence, everything new from your part, will be a great mistake. Be joyful and confident to carry off any hair color or look as it will help you stay happy for a longtime. Break the rules if you feel so and if it gives you confidence, as it is your confidence that will make any hairstyle of yours look great on you.

hairstyle mistakes

A grandma with platinum blonde carrying it off with a lot of confidence and style will look much younger than anyone who is 40 years younger than her. Remember that there isn’t any rule to follow and don’t be scared to experiment.


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