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11 Step by Step Puff Hairstyles Tutorials

11 Step by Step Puff Hairstyles Tutorials
Puff Hairstyles

Ponytails are easy, simple and fashionable to attain. There are many different ways to style your hair and puff hairstyle is one of them. With changing trends in fashion, the humble ponytail has also evolved, but has retained the charm of the original ponytail. Ponytail is quite a versatile hairstyle which can be styled as a sleek look or even in a messy fashion according to your liking. Whatever way you decide to style your ponytail, it will just look fabulous.

Puff ponytails are a new trend everyone from college girls to models seen sporting them. There are many ways to puff your hair and usually puff is done at the front of the ponytails and the alternative option is to puff your hair at the back. The following article will show you some easy to create puffy pony hairstyles.

Here are 11 puff pony hairstyles for you to try out. They will definitely make your hairstyle special.

1. Knotted puff  low pony tail

To make a knotted puff low pony tail you need to make a puff and tie your hair with a knot. If you have long hair, then you can tie your hair with a knot using your own hair. This hairstyle looks great when you are planning to go for a meeting in the office. This simple puff hairstyle is sleek and stylish.

2. Victorian Touch

You can make a puff and do a side partition and then make a ponytail. You can create a Victorian touch puff ponytail with at least hair of shoulder length. If you find making a puff and parting gets a little tough for you, then it would be nice to visit a stylist to achieve the desired look.

3. Simple and Elegant Puffed up Pony

This simple puff ponytail is created by making a puff and a low ponytail. You can use bands to tie your hair in sections. This is a very simple hairstyle, but can look amazing. You can flaunt this hairstyle for any occasion and it will never go wrong. This elegant looking hairstyle is suited for any face type.

4. Puffed Clean Pony

The puffed clean ponytail is the most flaunted hairstyle by celebrities and they never go wrong in this look. This clean hairstyle suits for any dress type including the simple jeans and t-shirt. The hairstyle will make you look smart and stylish. To avoid teasing you can add a small bump to the crown.

5. Messy Puffed up Low Pony

If you like the messed up look, then go get yourself this hairstyle for you. Try out the low tied messy braid with puff and a few front blasts. This hairstyle is ideal for long hair and creates a style statement with this messy look.

6. Crunched up Puffy Pony

The crunched up puff pony is a red carpet look. This is one of the most glamorous puff ponytail hairstyle that you should try to look stylish. Make a puff and crunch your hair from the back or create some small waves and tie a ponytail. It is one such look that makes you look sexy and you can enhance your appearance by putting a nude make-up and applying dark color lipstick.

7. Bouffant Crown with Short Front Bangs

This is an eye-catching hairstyle. It is regularly used on runways and suits any outfit. You can coordinate it with any traditional outfit. This puff hairstyle can add a modern style element to your appearance.

8. Bumped up Pony

A bumped up ponytail is a hairstyle where you make a puff and a ponytail and use a hairband on that. The hairband gives tow steps on your head. The final look is sexy and sleek. You can make this hairstyle for going to the office or for your brunches with style.

9. Messy Puffed up Pony

If you love the messy pony, then go ahead and try the messy puffed up ponytail that is low tied. Add a few bangs at the front. You can even experiment with your appearance by getting a crimped look.

10. Teased Clean pony

A bouffant at the front and a neat and clean pony is ideal for any occasion. This hairstyle has a nice appeal and is the favorite of the red carpet events. This stunning looking hairstyle suits all types of dresses and you can attain a stunning and smart look.

11. Puffed up low Pony

The puffed up low pony is suitable for long hair people. You just need to make a ponytail with a puff and allow it to look messy. It is an ideal hairstyle for long and wavy type hair. The final hairdo looks eye-catching and elegant even though it may look a bit messy.

When you are short of time, then a pony hairstyle works wonders. They can be styled according to the occasion and in whichever way you want it to suit your outfit. Ponytail is the most versatile hairstyle ever that can be styled in many different ways to suit the occasion. Puff ponies are a fashion and everyone from young girls to super models and celebrities are seen sporting them with style.

The final look is just impressive. Making a puff ponytail is pretty easy and is trendy too. Everything you need to create this hairstyle is a la mode brush to tease your hair. So go ahead and get some inspiration and create some of the above puff ponytails that are in trend nowadays and show your stylish appearance to the world.

The puff hairstyle has certainly seen a resurgence in popularity, with many celebrities and social media influencers rocking the look. However, it is important to remember that this style is not a one size fits all solution. It works best for those with medium to fine natural hair textures, as coarser or thicker hair may require additional product or technique for the puff to hold properly.

Additionally, the puff can put strain on the scalp if worn consistently without breaks in between wearings. Ultimately, whether you decide to rock a puff or opt for another hairstyle entirely, it’s all about what makes YOU feel confident and beautiful. So experiment and have fun with your hair!


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