Worst Hairstyles at 2010 Video Music Awards


While some celebrities rocked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010, others spotted boring, weird or even shocking hairstyles and frocks. Of course, VMA’s can not be compared to the Oscars or Grammy and the stars can be more casual, but some celebs went simply too far.

Check up our list of the worst hairstyles of 2010 Video Music Awards, and decide who had the most hairdon’t of the night.

Nicki Minaj VMA 2010 Hairstyle

Robyn VMA 2010 Hairstyle

Kesha VMA 2010 hairstyle

Alexandra Daddario VMA 2010 Hairstyle

Natalie Horler VMA 2010 hairstyle

Bonnie Mckee VMA 2010 Hairstyle

Lady Gaga VMA 2010 Hairstyle

Lady Gaga VMA 2010 Hairstyle with Meat


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