Pixie Cut: A Hair Dare at a Glance


I think most of both men and women are pretty sure that long and healthy wavy locks are the best bombshell hairstyle. So maybe that is why I am growing my hair for almost two years now. However, I was really shocked to admit that a pixie cut can be even more sexy than longer strands.

Looking on the photos of the celebrities who recently cut their locks in favor of a pixie cut, I thought that there is something crushing and alluring in them. Probably their hair dare made them even more liberating-sexy and confident.

Emma Watson Pixie Hair Cut

I love Emma Watson pixie cut, which she made back in August. Her sleek barely-there bangs make her gorgeous eyes look even bigger. The Harry Potter’ star confessed she feels incredible with her new ‘do and I am totally sure of that.

Michelle Williams Pixie Hair cut

I also loved Michelle Williams’ hair cut she showed at Venice Film Festival in August. It is hot and sophisticated at the same time. Below, you can check the pics of the celebs who opted for a pixie cut lately.

Yet, I am not sure if I can cut my locks like these daring ladies, but maybe I am just not too brave for this. And you?

Carey Mulligan Pixie Cut

Cate Blanshet New Short Hair cut

Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie  Hair cut


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